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Contact Dr. Oz


If you would like to contact Dr. Oz, you can do so via Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.



Source: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4084/5033826761_3c0fcae0ee_o.jpg

He is regularly answering questions, but you have to keep in mind that he’s a busy man, so there is a very low chance that someone will respond to you. Most likely someone of his PR team will contact you if you should ever receive an answer via Mail.

Dr. Oz is just like Oprah an active user on Twitter and you can find out what he’s currently up to there.

From time to time he is answering health questions via YouTube. If you have a question that might be a common one, one that is really popular, then he might be able to answer it. Of course Dr. Oz is also answering not so common questions, but I suppose it would make sense to answer common questions first, simply because he can help more people that way.

I believe that Dr. Oz really loves the possibility to help so many people out there and he’s doing a really great job. Let’s hope he will stay with us for a while. His Show: The Dr. Oz Show will premiere on September 15th and will probably be a huge success. I am looking forward to it! We all are!

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