Anti-Aging Compound Might Help With Turning Around The Clock

In the past week, a study released by the Australian and US researchers has shown that an anti-aging compound found in mice, might be on its way to human trials. The compound might be tested on humans in the next year, and was shown to reverse the aging processin mice.

The study released by Harvard University and the University of NSW, found a way to restore energy and efficiency in cells, and reversed the aging process in mice. A compound given to them, and the mice were tracked as to their process, and found them younger than before.

New Anti-Aging Compound Might Be Clue To Reversing Aging In Humans

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Study Details

The study showed that key indicators in the mice that were tracked, actually moved the age of the mouse from two years to six months. So in a human for example, a sixty year old person would feel like a 20 year old. The theory of agism and the effects it has on human bodies is under a ton of research, and this study on mice might help out.

The study is expected to move onto human trials in the next year, and the processes on which it affects humans overall might help those with dementia, diabetes, cancer, and other affects.

Mitochondria The Answer

The study on mice shows that mitochondria in the mice and their ability to reproduce energy in cells might be the magic answer for the reversal of aging. The researchers aren’t promising any overnight promises or magic pills from this, but the mice are the first clue in the ways they are looking at the cells in mice and then humans.

The compounds in cells are shown to work better in the younger cells and in mice, and as they get older the cells ability to work slows down. The human trials which are expected to run $50,000 a day, will be looking at the ways mitochondria and the cells in humans react to the anti-aging compound as its injected in the cells.

The process of understanding how the pathways and connections in the cells in humans is key to understanding the research. By injecting the cells in the human trials, it will hopefully lead to healthier and younger cells which can help many in various ways.

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