Can Sleep & Sex keep us young? Anti-Aging Checklist

Dr. Oz believes that an active sex life can keep us young. Sex creates chemicals as we all know, men have increased testosterone values and women have increased oxytocin.




Those chemicals keep us going and make us stay young. Therefore it is recommended that lack of sex and sleep should be avoided.

Sleep plays a critical role too. To keep our vitality sleep is very essential, because that’s simply how we recharge our energy. Lack of sleep can make you age dramatically faster.

On Wikipedia I found an interesting statement that two things should be fulfilled when you sleep:

The optimal amount of sleep is not a meaningful concept unless the timing of that sleep is seen in relation to an individual’s circadian rhythms. A person’s major sleep episode is relatively inefficient and inadequate when it occurs at the “wrong” time of day; one should be asleep at least six hours before the lowest body temperature. The timing is correct when the following two circadian markers occur after the middle of the sleep episode and before awakening.

  • maximum concentration of the hormone melatonin, and
  • minimum core body temperature.


Dr. Oz also recommended to floss your teeth before going to bed.  He says that it might cause gingivitis and irritation of the gums if you don’t. Oral health can also prevent cardio-vascular related diseases.

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