Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secrets

If you are interested in Dr. Oz’s anti aging secrets, he presented some tips on Oprah’s TV show for all people that want to reverse aging. Of course, the most important parts of this program it’s based on a diet and on physical exercises.

But you will also have to change your lifestyle habits if you want to fight against aging process. Don’t think that it will be easy for you to do that, because you will have to work very hard to stay in shape.

Be careful with the foods that you choose to consume, with the physical exercises that you are making. There are also other important things that help you fight against aging such as meditation, sleep and sex and vitamins.


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I will tell you what foods you should have in your refrigerator. First, you will have to choose foods with a considerable quantity of antioxidants. This substance will help foods to maintain fresh for a long period of time, because it prevents damage that can occur during the process in which foods pass through oxidation.

Blueberries are very rich in antioxidants and usually, dark colored foods are rich in this substance. Those who want to stay in shape have to eat at least five types of foods that contain antioxidants. When it comes about vegetables that can keep you in shape, Dr. Oz recommends broccoli, because this vegetable will not only help you to do that, but it will also prevent different types of cancer.

Another antioxidant can be found in tomatoes that are heated up using a small quantity of oil, because in this way your organism will deliver lycopene, one of the most important antioxidants. Dr. Oz also recommends products that are made of acai berry, a fruit harvested in Brazil and that can be found at every market.

White Tea, but also Green Tea is recommended by Dr. Oz who says that people should drink at least 4 cups each day. If you like to drink red wine, this is the best thing that can happen to you, because red wine is recommended in anti aging process. This type of wine prevents your cells from aging.

Cinammon, Ginger, Pepper

Other anti aging secret is represented by spices. For example, cinnamon decreases blood sugar levels and it also helps you to control your cholesterol levels. Cinnamon should be used by all those people that have type 2 of diabetes.

Ginger has the same properties as cinnamon, but it also decreases blood pressure, which means that you will avoid problems like arthritis. Blood pressure is also reduced by Cayenne Pepper. Take in consideration that it’s not so important if you decide to consume fresh or dried spices, because Dr. Oz said that they have almost the same effects.

Dr. Oz Exercises

In Dr. Oz’s book you will find some benefic exercises that will help you build considerable muscle mass. In this way you will replace fat from your body with muscles. On Oprah Winfrey’s TV show he made a short demonstration of different physical exercises that anyone can do inside their homes.

Other anti aging secret that you should not forget about is to check your heart rate at least three times a week, right after you made physical exercises.

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