What are the major agers?

Dr. Oz has some solutions for those people who want to maintain themselves healthy for a long period of time. If you didn’t know, there are some products that can be found in everybody’s homes that can erase important years from our lives. We don’t know that those products put our lives in danger and we continue to use them.

Some products can cause asthma and different type of allergies, some can do harm to our liver, some can damage our heart and some can cause irritation to our skin. Dr. Oz recommended to its audience some 10 tips about how to eliminate these dangers from our homes and how we can replace them with other products that don’t put our lives in danger.


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Corn Syrup

The first major ager is represented by corn syrup which contains a high level of fructose. This syrup is used as a replacement for sweeteners. In fact, this is a type of sugar that is mixed with corn syrup. The obtained result is a cheap sweetener that unfortunately is used by many companies. This ingredient can damage the functions of our liver, because the liver transforms it into bad fat.

This ingredient also raise up the blood sugar levels and that’s why right immediately after you consume foods made of this ingredient you feel hungry again. You should try to avoid sodas, dressings and baked foods and you should also read the label of a product before you purchase it. Trans fats are also doing harm to your health, so you should try to avoid them. They raise the level of your cholesterol and they can cause heart disease.


The most important thing that you should try to avoid is smoking. It is very important that if you decide to stop smoking, to clean your house and to clean each piece of furniture that you have in order to eliminate the bad smell.

I’m sure that you didn’t know until now that chlorine bleach can affect your health. It can irritate your eyes, throat and skin. You can easily replace it with white vinegar. Insecticides are other substances that can harm our health and that can erase some important years from our lives.

Instead of using insecticides you can use natural solutions made of lemon juice or lavender. In this way you will be able to keep mosquitoes far away from your home.

Too much alcohol (more than 1 glass per day)

If you regularly drink alcohol, you should eliminate it from your habits. Alcoholic drinks can damage your liver and they can also cause cancer. The only alcoholic drink that is recommended by Dr. Oz is the red wine. Every one should have a glass of red wine a day.

You should also avoid moth balls that you can replace with lavender sachets. Fragrance candles and air fresheners started to gain more and more ground, but what people don’t know is that these products put their lives in danger. If you keep your house clean, you will not need a product like this.

Try to avoid as much as you can toluene. This is a substance that can be found in paraffin candles and it can affect your nervous system.If until now you used to use laundry detergents and cleaners which are having NPE written on their labels, you should know that you can replace them with natural cleansers.

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