Dr. Oz’s Extreme Life Extension – Anti-Aging Checklist

We all age. It’s life.  To be exact our cells age. How could you possibly slower that process?


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A harvard study about the French Paradox revealed a compound called “Resveratrol” that has been found in red wine, chocolate and other foods and even plants, that can help us stop the aging process of our cells. Resveratrol is activating a gene called sirtris.

Trivia: The people that discovered resveratrol called their company “sirtris”. By now it has been bought by GlaxoSmith Kline for about 720 million US-dollar. A nice sum for one of the most important discoveries since antibiotics.

Dr. Oz says if you don’t want to drink red wine to get your daily dose of resveratrol, you should get it from other sources like Concord grape juice or other dark grape juices.

However, Dr. Oz got some facts messed up. According to the harvard study you would have to drink 1000 bottles of wine per day to benefit from the resveratrol in it. Unthinkable. Instead you can get resveratrol pills. Resveratrol is being extracted from japanese knotweed. They usually sell small pills between 100 mg and 500 mg of trans-resveratrol.


  1. Anti Aging Skin Care System

    If you are looking into anti aging products you should make sure that the product you choose helps build up collagen and elastin.

    As one grows older, the ability of the skin to perspire is reduced. Thus more and more people experience dryness of the skin because aging also leads to decreased levels of oils into the skin.

    A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can contribute to the elasticity of your skin.A good anti-aging skin care treatment never underestimates the value of taking 10-12 glasses of water daily.

    A healthy way of life will sure have a great impact on your anti aging beauty treatment.

  2. Versie Gills

    I am making an attempt right this moment to find some reasonable anti aging cream yet seems like certainly, there is actually almost nothing that can potentially treat my skin. If you really are aware of certain solution that will make wonders just tell me and therefore Most definitely I’ll admire this.

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