Is the ‘Dr. Oz Calorie Restriction Diet’ really worth it?

Calorie-restriction refers to a lifestyle where people eat less calories than they normally should to live longer. It is a strict diet that only few people actually can do.




The Dr. Oz diet includes a lot of raw foods, fruits, veggies and nuts. When done correctly, you can slower the aging process and add many years to your life. Zed put it this way: When you are on a calorie-restriction diet your body gets really efficient and your body activates a gene called sirtris. This gene can help you to live longer.

To lose a lot of weight, fasting and raw food might be great, but would you want to live like that forever? Actually, I believe this diet won’t work for the majority of all Americans and it would be a pretty expensive diet too. Eating only organic foods can be costly.

Luckily, science can help us. Resveratrol, a natural compound found in red wine, also activates the gene sirtris. Why would you stay on a calorie-restrictive diet if you can take Resveratrol? In certain tests it helped animals to live up to 56% longer. That’s not everything, it also has a lot of other health benefits: It can increase your energy and metabolism, improve your mood and endurance and help you to lose weight.


Resveratrol is *the* wonder pill of 2009. Actually, it has been discovered years ago. I even read an article about it back in 1998! It only became so popular when David Sinclair promoted his discovery on TV (CBS, 60 minutes, etc). Sinclair’s company has been bought for $720 million. Do you think anyone would spend that much money if Resveratrol wasn’t a really important discovery? Resveratrol might change our future!

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