Top 6 Worst Foods for Aging

Everyone always talks about the good stuff that you should be eating for aging but very few people talk about the bad stuff – the foods that you should be looking to avoid if you want to stay looking younger for longer. We decided to delve in the nasty world of bad foods for aging and find out which ones were the worst culprits for making us look older than we want to look. Some of the results were pretty surprising…

Fast Food

Fast food2

Well this one kind of went without saying – there’s lots of bad stuff in here. In fact, maybe we should do a whole article about it. Watch this space…

Hydrogenated Fats

If you see these in the ingredients of the food that you are picking up in the supermarket, put them back on the shelves. These are the bad fats that have been known to cause heart disease so to avoid heart disease, you need to avoid these foods. You will be amazed at how many foods out there contain these – just take a look at some of the ingredients in your kitchen.


They made a “fake” fat called Olestra to make snacks and potato chips and similar foods that are low in fat or non-fat. This actually has been shown to bind with many other nutrients in the body and get rid of the good things in your body such as the antioxidants. Just avoid them – they are not good for you.


Do you eat a lot of meats that are cured such as bacon? What about hot dogs; don’t you love those too? These foods and others contain things called nitrates which are bad for your body, especially when it comes to aging. Nitrate, as it stands, is relatively harmless. The problem with it is when it gets into your body and is turned into nitrite. These are chemicals that can cause cancer. Try spending a little more on your meats and going for the more organic varieties.


The odd tipple won’t hurt anyone but lots of excessive drinking isn’t going to be great for your body. Alcohol dehydrates you and when this happens, your skin will look terrible. This will make you look older at a much younger age as your skin will become lifeless and lose elasticity, it will look grey and dull, and your bags under your eyes will look more obvious. That’s before we even begin to think about the damage that it will cause to your liver and the conditions associated with this – many of them fatal.

Fizzy Pop

Soda and fizzy drinks may taste great but there is a good chance that you will lose all your teeth prematurely. On top of this, diabetes will be a concern, on top of many other conditions. It’s just not worth it. Why not try mixing fresh fruit juices with sparkling water for a healthier kick?

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