• Top 10 Myths About Health

    health myths 212x300 150x150 jpg There is now more information about health than ever before. Unfortunately, not all of it is accurate. Some advice regarding diet, nutrition, exercise and other health related topics can do more harm than good. Let’s look at 10 of...
  • Top 10 Healthy Apps: Medication, Workout, Diet Apps

    3232257033 97d530c627 b 300x218 150x150 jpg Today you can find apps for every imaginable purpose, so you may as well use some that make you healthier. There are quite a few apps for both iPhone and Android that can help you stick to your diet...
  • Top 10 Healthy Appetizers

    Healthy Appetizers 300x200 150x150 jpg If you are concerned about eating healthy meals, the appetizers can be just as important as the main course. One good thing about healthy appetizers is that they can fill you up so you don’t overeat during the rest...
  • Top 10 Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

    Alcoholic Drinks 300x200 150x150 jpg The idea of healthy alcoholic drinks may sound strange at first. Most people are taught that alcohol is unhealthy. Recent studies, however, show that moderate consumption of alcohol may actually prevent certain diseases and contribute to longevity. Some alcoholic...
  • Top 10 Healthy Activities

    Healthy Activities 300x200 150x150 jpg It’s no secret that some habits and activities are better for us than others. Wouldn’t it be good to know the very healthiest things we can do on a regular basis? There is now enough research available to allow...
  • Defeat Diverticular Disease With Proper Nutrition

    diverticular 300x224 150x150 jpg Like many people, you might have diverticulosis and not know it, but you can prevent the disease or make it more bearable by eating right. Source: http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6089/6062592441_a0706ed30e_o.jpg
  • 3 Ways Currants Benefit Your Health

    red currant 300x225 150x150 jpg   More than one fruit goes by the name “currant.” You have the red, white, or black berry that grows on shrubs and the tiny dried and seedless Zante grape, similar to a raisin. Whichever version of the currant...
  • Why Your Body Needs Phytochemicals

    phytochemical 1 300x227 150x150 jpg Natural chemicals in plants, called phytochemicals or phytonutrients, can have a powerful effect on the human body. These tens of thousands of substances – found in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices – have been used to treat and prevent...
  • Alleviate Burning Mouth Syndrome

    pain mouth 150x150 jpg Several serious ailments can cause a burning, itching sensation inside the mouth, so those experiencing this problem should be seen by their doctor or dentist. You could be suffering from burning mouth syndrome (BMS). Source: http://farm2.staticflickr.com/1200/566363263_467ff5914f_o.jpg
  • Beware of Bloodshot Eyes

    index 150x150 jpg Bloodshot eyes aren’t merely a sign of alcoholism or spending long hours in front of your computer with little or no sleep. Persistent redness can even indicate illness. Source: http://farm1.staticflickr.com/15/20317058_701b63a767_o.jpg
  • How to Prevent Hearing Loss

    hearing loss 300x209 150x150 jpg We tend to take our hearing for granted, until we start to lose it. The sad thing is that once hearing loss occurs, it’s usually irreversible. Source: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8090/8550017810_e555f0e803_o.jpg
  • A Note on Mineral Supplements

    10081563 s 300x200 150x150 jpg Minerals like iron, calcium, chromium, and zinc are vital components of a healthful diet. As with vitamins, it’s important to remember the distinction between taking mineral supplements to prevent or treat dietary deficiencies and taking them in higher doses...
  • Hidden Dangers in Everyday Household Products and Foods

    Indoor Plants 300x243 150x150 jpg Hidden in certain household products we use everyday are dangerous chemicals that can seriously affect our health. Even some foods are affected by these same toxins. Source: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7007/6476100547_df493bc0f0_o.jpg
  • Beware of Indoor Pollutants

    hearing loss1 300x209 150x150 jpg Environmental pollution can cause all sorts of ailments, including asthma, allergies, immune system suppression and even cancer. Though outdoor pollutants do pose a health risk, people largely underestimate how harmful indoor pollutants can be. Source: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4046/4430380799_fbfbfcabf9_o.jpg
  • Reduce On-the-Job Stress

    280 150x150 jpg Job stress tends to spill out into your personal life – at least if you let it. It’s wise to keep a clear line of distinction between your work and home life, though, and not allow the intensity and...
  • 7 Office Stress-Reducing Exercises

    2811 150x150 jpg The millions of Americans who suffer with back and neck pain are unable to identify a specific incident as the root of the problem, but one of the most common causes of back and neck problems is simply being...
  • Break Free From the Trap of Workaholism

    282 300x125 150x125 jpg Workaholism is seen by some as a good thing, but at what price? Workaholism equals imbalance and exhaustion, and something significant in your life is bound to suffer.   http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5468/8798733453_bde3097101_o.jpg Source: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2695/4445000495_ae7842d464_o.jpg
  • Mind/Body Techniques For Your Health

    283 300x150 150x150 jpg The brain is your most prized possession when it comes to your healing and wellbeing. Drugs serve the good purpose of treating existing medical conditions, but mind/body techniques may be more effective at disease prevention – without any side...
  • Improve Your Health Using Your Mind

    284 150x150 jpg Though some doctors discourage using mind-body techniques and other thought processes without any use of medication, studies have shown that a person’s attitude and emotional state play key roles in the prevention of and recovery from illness.   Source:...
  • 10 Secrets to Lose Weight Successfully

    1 300x168 150x150 jpg It’s true that 95% of all dieters gain their weight back – and then some. Dieting isn’t the answer, and you can learn a lot from those who’ve done it and kept it off. Source: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7082/7297487918_2ec5c574f9_o.png