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  • Simple Exercises You Can Do If You Have Bad Knees

    342 150x150 jpg Everyday activities and exercise can prove painful or near impossible when you have a knee injury, so no-impact or low-impact exercise is best.   Source:
  • Does Exercising With Sweat Suits Burn More Calories?

    349 300x300 150x150 jpg Many people believe that working up a sweat by wearing sweat suits will burn more calories and accelerate their weight loss. Are they right in that assumption?   Source:
  • 3 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms

    363 150x150 jpg Flabby arms, beware! Putting these exercises to use, those problem areas won’t stand a chance.   Source:
  • 5 Great Exercises to Lift and Firm the Buttocks

    364 300x300 150x150 jpg If you’ve got the sagging bottom blues, try these great exercises to firm up, shape up and add more definition to your rear end.   Source:
  • Does Healthy Eating Cost More?

    374 150x150 jpg One of the number one resolutions for each New Year is to lose weight and eat right – but at what cost? Keeping that New Year’s resolution in 2012 may be tougher than you think.   Source:
  • Does Keeping A Food Journal Work?

    380 150x150 jpg Serial dieters would be thrilled to know that keeping a food journal can nearly double their weight loss. Being accountable to yourself in this way, even without extreme restrictions, is the key that can unlock the door to your...
  • 5 Exercises Proven to Flatten Abs

    382 150x150 jpg When you want to keep your abs firm, lose inches and flab in the midsection, and have better posture and balance; try these five hot exercises that have stood the test of time as techniques that really do work....
  • 5 Hot Exercises to Tone Thighs

    383 150x150 jpg Women everywhere will tell you, next to abs, one of their biggest trouble spots on the body is the thighs. Here are five hot exercises you can do at home, in the office or in the gym when you...
  • 2 Weight Training Tips For Better Performance

    427 150x150 jpg Strength training makes us look and feel better, perform at the top of our game, and lose weight faster, so it’s something everyone should include in their workout regimen. If you’re already working with weights or want to get...
  • Exercise Smarter, Not Harder

    428 150x150 jpg Exercise or some type of physical activity is necessary to achieve good health and optimal fitness, but if you’re like most people who really don’t like to work out for long, grueling periods of time, you’ll be pleased to...
  • An Apple A Day

    432 150x150 jpg It’s been said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and while that may not be totally true, eating apples on a regular basis can definitely make your doctor’s visits a lot less frequent.   Source:
  • Pros and Cons of the Chemical Breakdown Diet

    438 150x150 jpg Though dieting has been pummeled in the world of health and fitness for so long, some type of balanced eating regimen is necessary to keep the good foods in and the bad foods out. How does the Chemical Breakdown...
  • Pros and Cons of the Cabbage Soup Diet

    439 150x150 jpg The Cabbage Soup Diet has been around since the 1980’s and has continued to circulate among those who want to lose lots of weight in a short period of time. Like most diets, it has a good side and...
  • Your Thyroid and Weight Loss

    441 300x300 150x150 jpg A sluggish metabolism and sluggish mood can both stop or slow down the rate at which one is able to lose weight and both can signal a thyroid malfunction.   Source:
  • 3 More Common Workout Mistakes

    4551 300x225 150x150 jpg So you’ve finally managed to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Now all you have to do is avoid the following things so that you don’t sabotage your workout in seconds. Source: <em>Source: 
  • Good Foods To Eat When You are Trying to Lose Weight

    4581 150x150 jpg You don’t have to stop eating to lose weight! There are many great choices that will help you burn off the calories and the pounds.   Source:
  • Simple Ways to Shed Fat

    462 300x139 150x139 jpg Losing weight is actually far simpler than you may think. In fact, it is quite easy to lose a few pounds a week without making drastic lifestyle changes. Source:
  • Cutting Calories Through Ingredient Swaps

    469 150x150 jpg Sometimes, cutting hundreds of calories out of your diet can be as simple as altering a few basic ingredients in your favorite dishes.   Source:
  • Are Antibiotics making you Gain Weight?

    4461 150x150 jpg Did you know that antibiotics have been used for decades to fatten up farm animals? Recent research seems to indicate that they may have the same effect on humans, too. Source: