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  • More Food, Less Weight

    32 300x1841 150x150 jpg Despite the average diet calling for counting calories and cutting back as much as possible on the amount of food you eat, there’s a simpler way to drop those pounds – eating more. Source:
  • 30-Minute Strength Training is All You Need

    50 300x2011 150x150 jpg We know the benefits of strength training. It will restore muscle, increase bone density, improve balance, and promote weight loss and cardiovascular fitness. However, conventional strength training requires several hours per week and frequently causes injury. Slow lifting –...
  • 1, 2, 3, Zumba!

    18 300x1921 150x150 jpg A lot of people underestimate or misjudge Zumba. Little do they know, Zumba is a life-changing workout that is fun, rewarding and adaptable to anyone. Source:
  • For Stress Relief: Yoga Made Simple

    chairwarrior2 300x2561 jpeg 150x150 jpg If you’re chronically anxious or simply feeling stressed out, consider giving yoga a try. Source:
  • 3 Functional Training Exercises For Everyday Life

    288 150x150 jpg Functional training is essential for better posture, balance and flexibility and warrants inclusion with every form of exercise you are already doing.   Source:
  • Resistance Tubing: A Safe Alternative to Weights

    294 150x150 jpg In order to boost your strength and muscular endurance without weights, tubing is a safe and effective option that can provide the same benefits.   Source:
  • 8 Tips for an Effective Gym Workout To Burn Calories

    295 150x150 jpg Working out at the gym is a great way to build muscle strength and endurance, but not everyone who sweats it out at the gym is getting their money’s worth.   Source:
  • 5 Great Exercises to Trim Your Waist

    315 150x150 jpg If you want to quickly lose inches on your waist, you must work those core muscles hard. Diet is important too, but the sculpting work comes from exercise. Try these on for size.   Source:
  • How to Make Exercise Enjoyable

    325 150x150 jpg If you’re like most people, you find it hard to begin and maintain an exercise routine. That’s largely because you get bored along the way or you find it too demanding. Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore....
  • Simple Exercises You Can Do If You Have Bad Knees

    342 150x150 jpg Everyday activities and exercise can prove painful or near impossible when you have a knee injury, so no-impact or low-impact exercise is best.   Source:
  • Does Exercising With Sweat Suits Burn More Calories?

    349 300x300 150x150 jpg Many people believe that working up a sweat by wearing sweat suits will burn more calories and accelerate their weight loss. Are they right in that assumption?   Source:
  • 3 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms

    363 150x150 jpg Flabby arms, beware! Putting these exercises to use, those problem areas won’t stand a chance.   Source:
  • 5 Great Exercises to Lift and Firm the Buttocks

    364 300x300 150x150 jpg If you’ve got the sagging bottom blues, try these great exercises to firm up, shape up and add more definition to your rear end.   Source:
  • 5 Exercises Proven to Flatten Abs

    382 150x150 jpg When you want to keep your abs firm, lose inches and flab in the midsection, and have better posture and balance; try these five hot exercises that have stood the test of time as techniques that really do work....
  • 5 Hot Exercises to Tone Thighs

    383 150x150 jpg Women everywhere will tell you, next to abs, one of their biggest trouble spots on the body is the thighs. Here are five hot exercises you can do at home, in the office or in the gym when you...
  • 2 Weight Training Tips For Better Performance

    427 150x150 jpg Strength training makes us look and feel better, perform at the top of our game, and lose weight faster, so it’s something everyone should include in their workout regimen. If you’re already working with weights or want to get...
  • Exercise Smarter, Not Harder

    428 150x150 jpg Exercise or some type of physical activity is necessary to achieve good health and optimal fitness, but if you’re like most people who really don’t like to work out for long, grueling periods of time, you’ll be pleased to...
  • 3 More Common Workout Mistakes

    4551 300x225 150x150 jpg So you’ve finally managed to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Now all you have to do is avoid the following things so that you don’t sabotage your workout in seconds. Source: <em>Source: 
  • Easy Ways to Burn Two Hundred Calories

    109 150x150 jpg Exercising is one of the most rewarding things you could possibly do with your time. Imagine an activity that will reward you with health, attractiveness, confidence, and happiness. What’s not to like about this?   Source:
  • Easy Workout Ideas

    113 150x150 jpg If you have an impeccable diet regimen going, chances are you are well on your way to your fitness goals. Nonetheless, a surprising amount of people ignore the other half of the fitness equation which is exercise.   Source:...
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