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  • Top 10 Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

    Alcoholic Drinks 300x200 150x150 jpg The idea of healthy alcoholic drinks may sound strange at first. Most people are taught that alcohol is unhealthy. Recent studies, however, show that moderate consumption of alcohol may actually prevent certain diseases and contribute to longevity. Some alcoholic...
  • Coffee has Health Benefits?

    8097327748 d4c013f2c31 150x150 jpg That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you did read that right – coffee does apparently have health benefits. Of course, we all know how much we depend on our morning caffeine fix on the way to work, or sat at...
  • All Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

    5699535517 cd7862035a1 150x150 jpg Any woman that has had a baby will tell you that the morning sickness is excruciating during pregnancy. One minute you are celebrating your newfound pregnant-ness and the next, you have your head in the toilet, retching your guts...
  • Grow & Brew Herbal Teas Indoors

    607299105skin healthy tea 300x1991 150x150 jpg Many herbs can be used for tea. Although they won’t reach the fullness of height they would outdoors, you can grow them indoors. Doctor yourself to better health with some of your own gardening. Source:
  • Drinks That Rock: Green Tea

    437 150x150 jpg Green tea is a legendary drink, native to Asian culture, with the proven ability to keep you disease free.   Source:
  • Life-Giving H2O: 6 Reasons You MUST Drink Water

    445 150x150 jpg Water is the fuel of the body. In fact, most of the body is made up of water. So obviously the intake of water is essential to keep things flowing properly within the body. Why else is water important?...
  • 6 Reasons To Drink Coffee

    470 150x150 jpg Most people drink coffee to help them wake up in the morning, but in doing so they are also getting a slew of potent health benefits at the same time.   Source:
  • Signs You Should Drink Less Caffeine

    101 150x150 jpg Caffeine is an integral part of many an individual’s morning or even daily routine. Some people actually have trouble opening their eyes until they’ve had their first cup of Joe, whilst others need to continually ingest it throughout the...
  • Are Energy Drinks Safe?

    135 150x150 jpg Waking up in the morning and feeling sluggish is hardly a new phenomenon. What is a recent development, however, is consuming tremendous amounts of caffeine, sugar, and other ingredients to propel you forward into your day. It seems that...
  • How to Stay Properly Hydrated

    138 150x150 jpg Believe it or not, many Americans are chronically dehydrated. Naturally, this comes as a tremendous surprise because the United States is hardly a third world country, nor is it located in sub-Saharan Africa. These people are not dehydrated because...
  • Benefits of Drinking Water

    195 150x150 jpg What if you were told that one of the healthiest things you can consume is completely free, plentiful, and actually makes up both the majority of your body and the earth’s surface?   Source:
  • Health Effects of Green Tea

    265 150x150 jpg Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can consume, but what are the actual health benefits of drinking it and are there any studies on green tea?   Source:
  • Health effects of drinking Coffee

    268 150x150 jpg Coffee can actually protect both your liver and heart but also contains carcinogens. Still, in reasonable amounts, coffee is a very health drink with many antioxidants and positive health effects.   Source:
  • Dr. Oz: Tart Cherry Juice Benefits – How much is enough?

    51 150x150 jpg Dr. Oz gave an interesting lecture on Tart Cherry juice benefits. If you are wondering how much you need to take per day to get all the benefits, read this article Source: