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  • 3 Functional Training Exercises For Everyday Life

    288 150x150 jpg Functional training is essential for better posture, balance and flexibility and warrants inclusion with every form of exercise you are already doing.   Source:
  • Try Salsa To Prevent Salmonella Poisoning

    289 150x150 jpg Salsa is not only a common favorite among sauces and spicy foods, but it’s also a healthy one.   Source:
  • Energy-, Mood-, and Memory-Boosting Scents

    291 150x150 jpg Scents stimulate important mental and physical functions. They trigger the release of neurotransmitters, chemicals that send signals to the brain. Here is just a taste of what scents can do for you.   Source:
  • Resistance Tubing: A Safe Alternative to Weights

    294 150x150 jpg In order to boost your strength and muscular endurance without weights, tubing is a safe and effective option that can provide the same benefits.   Source:
  • 8 Tips for an Effective Gym Workout To Burn Calories

    295 150x150 jpg Working out at the gym is a great way to build muscle strength and endurance, but not everyone who sweats it out at the gym is getting their money’s worth.   Source:
  • Superfoods for Eye Problems

    302 300x124 150x124 jpg Our eyes are one of our biggest assets. Once lost, your vision cannot be replaced, so it’s imperative that you do all you can to protect the vision that you have now. Nature has provided superfoods that do just...
  • Superfoods for Arthritis

    303 150x150 jpg There are some foods that have risen in popularity due to their amazing ability to fight disease and have rightfully garnered the title “superfoods.” Then there are others that are just as powerful, but not so well known. When...
  • How Many Calories Do You Need to Lose Weight?

    304 150x150 jpg If you think your size and appetite determine how much food and calories to consume, think again.   Source: 
  • Why Beef Liver is a Fair Red Meat

    306 300x152 150x150 jpg We are often told to abstain from red meat as much as you can, and that’s likely because red meats tend to be high in fat and cholesterol. Beef liver is a reasonable option for red meat lovers.  ...
  • Losing Weight May Cure Snoring

    308 150x150 png How well we take care of our bodies through diet and exercise affects a lot of things, including whether or not we snore. Source:
  • Expert Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

    309 300x128 150x128 jpg Though the average person knows that exercising regularly and eating right are required in order to lose weight and keep it off, putting them into practice and sticking with it is often easier said than done.   Source:
  • Lose Weight While You Sleep

    310 300x297 150x150 jpg If you are like most people who don’t like to exercise but still want to lose weight, lifting weights may be the answer for you.   Source:
  • Bread and Weight Loss

    312 150x150 jpg Eating bread isn’t as bad as one might think when the goal is to lose weight. Your bread choices and the amounts of bread you consume are what can make or break your weight loss goals.   Source:
  • 5 Great Exercises to Trim Your Waist

    315 150x150 jpg If you want to quickly lose inches on your waist, you must work those core muscles hard. Diet is important too, but the sculpting work comes from exercise. Try these on for size.   Source:
  • Eliminate Waste to Shrink Your Waist

    318 150x150 jpg If you are harboring excess waste in your colon and digestive tract, you will have a harder time getting rid of belly fat and shrinking your waist.   Source:
  • Foods That Help Shrink Your Waist

    320 150x150 jpg Your biggest defense against an expanding waistline is diet control.   Source:
  • How to Make Exercise Enjoyable

    325 150x150 jpg If you’re like most people, you find it hard to begin and maintain an exercise routine. That’s largely because you get bored along the way or you find it too demanding. Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore....