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  • A Diet That Defeats Gallstones

    329 300x269 150x150 jpg According to nutrition experts, painful gallstones can be avoided by a simple change in your eating habits.   Source:
  • Use Flaxseed Oil to Treat Eczema

    330 150x150 jpg Flaxseed oil is a natural remedy for several medical conditions, including eczema. It contains some of the same soothing nutrients found in fatty fish that can take the sting out of eczema.   Source:
  • Cookout Tips: Grilling Meat Safely

    334 150x150 jpg If you love to cook meat outdoors on the grill, you will find this bit of information useful regarding the health and safety of you and your loved ones.   Source:
  • Simple Exercises You Can Do If You Have Bad Knees

    342 150x150 jpg Everyday activities and exercise can prove painful or near impossible when you have a knee injury, so no-impact or low-impact exercise is best.   Source:
  • Is Using Croutons On Your Salad Okay?

    343 150x150 jpg Croutons are a crunchy and delicious topping for your salads, but how healthy are they?   Source:
  • Safe Sugar Substitutes

    346 150x150 jpg If you are one who just has to have a little sweetness to your drinks and in your foods, but don’t want to deal with the damaging effects of cane sugar on the body, you may need to try...
  • Clams: Treasures of the Sea (Promote Good Heart Health!)

    3501 300x200 150x150 jpg Clams have surprising health benefits, even greater than those of other shellfish and seafood. Clams even come in first place against several other common protein sources, including chicken. Of all the fish in the sea, clams have less contaminants...
  • Does Exercising With Sweat Suits Burn More Calories?

    349 300x300 150x150 jpg Many people believe that working up a sweat by wearing sweat suits will burn more calories and accelerate their weight loss. Are they right in that assumption?   Source:
  • Watercress: Super Food for the Total Body

    352 150x150 jpg Not many foods can boast the health benefits of the vegetable, watercress. It ranks highest among most vegetables and beats out many fruits for its potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and calcium content – rightfully garnering...
  • Could Dairy Products Be Causing Your Eczema?

    3511 150x150 jpg About 15 million Americans suffer from eczema, and yet the cause of eczema remains unknown. There are, however, certain triggers that cause eczema outbreaks, including foods. Since dairy products are often the cause for an outbreak, could they be...
  • What’s Hidden in Your Easter Basket?

    3531 150x150 jpg Kids (and adults) everywhere love Easter, especially because of the goodies they get in their Easter baskets. Here’s a closer look at some popular treats for the health conscious.   Source:
  • Margarine vs. Butter: Which Is Better For You?

    354 300x184 150x150 jpg There seems to be little distinction between butter and margarine, so how can you tell which spread is healthier?   Source:
  • Three Meals A Day or 5 Meals A Day?

    360 150x150 jpg The average person believes that their diet should consist of three meals a day, while the idea of five meals a day has been introduced as a better option. So which of them is right – or at least...
  • Health Benefits of Pistachios: Weight Loss, Anti-Diabetes, Good Nutrition

    361 300x128 150x128 jpg Pistachios are chief among nuts due to its wealth of nutrients (repeatedly beating other nuts out in the amount of various nutrients), easy access when it comes to opening its shell, and delicious flavor.   Source:
  • 3 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms

    363 150x150 jpg Flabby arms, beware! Putting these exercises to use, those problem areas won’t stand a chance.   Source:
  • 5 Great Exercises to Lift and Firm the Buttocks

    364 300x300 150x150 jpg If you’ve got the sagging bottom blues, try these great exercises to firm up, shape up and add more definition to your rear end.   Source:
  • Eat Your Way to Blemish-Free Skin

    365 150x150 jpg Forego loading up your face with makeup or airbrushing your blemishes away; you can eat and drink your way to clear skin.   Source:
  • How Healthy Are Paprika’s? What Are Their Benefits?

    371 150x143 jpg The bright, red-orange color of paprika is only a hint of its fiery power that practically burns away infection, disease and inflammation.   Source:
  • What’s So Great About Cranberries? How Health Are They?

    372 150x150 jpg Sour to the taste, but providing sweet health benefits, cranberries provide a great defense against heart disease, urinary tract infections and cancer.   Source:
  • Does Healthy Eating Cost More?

    374 150x150 jpg One of the number one resolutions for each New Year is to lose weight and eat right – but at what cost? Keeping that New Year’s resolution in 2012 may be tougher than you think.   Source: