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  • Sunflower Seeds: Health Benefits in a Nutshell

    sunflower seeds 300x1751 150x150 jpg Sunflower seeds are basically the fruit of the sunflower. Whether you prefer to purchase them shelled or unshelled, salted or unsalted, they are healthy alternatives to some of the processed snacks of today. Source:
  • Grow Your Own Medicinal Herbs

    medicinalplants 300x1861 150x150 jpg Most people buy their herbs at a health food store, but many herbs are easy to grow, whether you’ve got a big backyard or just a few pots on a porch. Source:
  • Clams: Treasures of the Sea (Promote Good Heart Health!)

    3501 300x200 150x150 jpg Clams have surprising health benefits, even greater than those of other shellfish and seafood. Clams even come in first place against several other common protein sources, including chicken. Of all the fish in the sea, clams have less contaminants...
  • Health Benefits of Pistachios: Weight Loss, Anti-Diabetes, Good Nutrition

    361 300x128 150x128 jpg Pistachios are chief among nuts due to its wealth of nutrients (repeatedly beating other nuts out in the amount of various nutrients), easy access when it comes to opening its shell, and delicious flavor.   Source:
  • How Healthy Are Paprika’s? What Are Their Benefits?

    371 150x143 jpg The bright, red-orange color of paprika is only a hint of its fiery power that practically burns away infection, disease and inflammation.   Source:
  • What’s So Great About Cranberries? How Health Are They?

    372 150x150 jpg Sour to the taste, but providing sweet health benefits, cranberries provide a great defense against heart disease, urinary tract infections and cancer.   Source:
  • Inside the Cucumber The Various Health Benefits of Cucumbers

    373 150x150 jpg Cucumbers are used in beauty treatments and most often eaten in salads. Despite their low profile, they have a few interesting qualities that should be pointed out.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Almonds

    377 300x150 150x150 jpg Almonds, like most nuts, are an excellent food to snack on, cook with, and sprinkle on virtually any dish for a crunchy, good flavor. You can even ground up almonds to make almond milk or press them for almond...
  • Health Benefits of Green Peas

    381 150x150 jpg One green pea has nearly twice the protein found in most vegetables and is chock-full of antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and nutrients. It’s one powerful pea in a pod.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Figs

    385 150x150 jpg People would be surprised to know that figs are teeming with health benefits. Perhaps if they knew, more people would eat them.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Lemons

    386 150x150 jpg Lemons make more than a great glass of lemonade. They make you less prone to develop heart disease, cancer, scurvy, or blemished skin.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Quinoa

    3871 150x150 jpg From the same family as spinach and beets, quinoa is an exceptional grain that is becoming more popular, due to its versatility and amazing health benefits.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Pumpkin

    3881 150x150 jpg Pumpkins, as a whole, are eaten around the world – even down to the seeds, and they contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that promise to improve your health.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Mushrooms

    389 150x150 jpg Mushrooms, under the right circumstances, can be very good for you, but leave the picking to the professionals.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Guava

    390 150x150 jpg Move over oranges and tomatoes; guavas equal or surpass the nutrient power these delicious fruits are known for.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Beets

    392 150x150 jpg Did you know that nearly half the refined sugar of the world comes from beets? With all that sugar – more than any other vegetable, in fact – you would think beets weren’t good for you, but you would...
  • Health Benefits of Okra

    391 300x224 150x150 jpg The slimy texture of okra makes it an infrequent food choice, even among vegetable lovers, but okra should at least be praised for its ability to fight heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Chestnuts

    3931 150x150 jpg Barely unheard of in the United States but prevalent in leaner nations like Japan and Korea, chestnuts are a dieter’s mainstay, a holiday treat and a Godsend to the average health nut.   Source:
  • Health Benefits of Walnuts

    394 150x150 jpg Walnuts are one of the most commercially distributed and most commonly eaten nuts in the world, which is a great thing considering how much good they can do for the body.   Source: