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  • Health Benefits Of A Grapefruit

    447 150x150 jpg Grapefruit is, no doubt, a major source of vitamin C and the basis for a very popular diet. Many have caught on to the wonderful properties of grapefruit and why it’s particularly helpful to lose weight and stay fit....
  • Health Benefits of Kale

    4481 150x150 jpg If you love your greens, your greens of choice should be kale, which tops the list of healthy vegetables for several reasons.   Source:
  • 8 Health Benefits of Garlic

    449 150x150 jpg As far back as 5 BC, garlic was praised by Greek physician Hippocrates as a cure-all herb. Putting aside its potent aroma and potential to cause temporary bad breath, garlic is a life-saving herb that more people should take...