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  • Stifle Your Sore Throat

    11 300x2031 150x150 jpg A sore throat is often one of the first signs that a respiratory illness is brewing. What a nuisance a dry, achy, scratchy throat can be. Put a lid on it at the first sign of soreness with these...
  • 4 Safeguards to Help Prevent Miscarriage

    12 300x1991 150x150 jpg The best way to prevent miscarriage is by living a clean, healthy lifestyle before your baby is conceived. Sometimes, however, even that isn’t enough. There are always exceptions, but you can at least do all you know to do...
  • 5 Tips to Help You Get Through Morning Sickness

    13 300x1361 150x136 jpg Morning sickness is an inevitable part of pregnancy for most women, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unbearable or as severe. Source:
  • Help For Irregular Menstrual Periods

    20 300x2051 150x150 jpg When it comes to your menstrual period, many factors come into play. Your diet, weight, physical activity, stress level, etc. all have some bearing on whether or not things will function as they should. When there are chemical or...
  • 8 Infertility Prevention Tips for Women

    21 300x1871 150x150 jpg Not every woman of child-bearing age is able to conceive so easily, and the answer to the problem could be right under her nose. Source:
  • Simple Solutions to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

    25 265x3001 150x150 jpg The primary culprit behind smelly feet is sweat, since it provides a warm, moist environment in which bacteria thrive. Since sweating is a natural bodily function, what can you do to make foot odor a thing of the past?...
  • 5 Tips to Beat Low Back Pain

    26 300x2741 150x150 jpg It’s no secret that sitting for long periods results in lower back pain over time, but being sure to stretch in between hours at the computer isn’t enough to curtail this problem. Source:
  • Arthritis Relievers & Agitators

    27 300x1711 150x150 jpg Arthritis sufferers everywhere, in search of helpful ways to alleviate that all-too-familiar joint pain, swelling and stiffness, this article is for you. Source:
  • What’s So Great About Herbs?

    28 150x150 jpeg Outside of Western culture, most of the world views herbal medicine as traditional medicine; whereas we, on the contrary, view our artificial pharmaceuticals as traditional and herbs as alternative medicine. Herbs are nature’s medicines that are abundantly available for...
  • Breast-Feeding Woes & Home Remedies: Excess Lactation

    31 150x150 jpeg After the delivery of their new bundle of joy, many moms experience breast pain, tenderness and swelling as a result of an overproduction of milk. Maybe it’s because the baby hasn’t gotten used to breastfeeding yet and isn’t feeding...
  • High Heels and Women’s Health

    33 150x150 jpeg High heels are high on a man’s list of things women wear that makes them more attractive. Women, too, love the sex appeal of a high-heeled shoe, but what is the price women pay for keeping up appearances in...
  • Medical Warnings for the Elderly

    34 150x150 jpg The older you are, the more likely you are to have health problems that require first-rate medical care. As many seniors have learned, however, it can be hard to find a doctor suited to care for their special needs....
  • Creating Your Medical Family Tree Could Save Your Life

    40 300x1621 jpeg 150x150 jpg If you aren’t really sure about your family’s medical history, you may be setting yourself up for needless health problems. Source:
  • 4 Natural Sex Drive Enhancers

    46 300x2001 150x150 jpg With the limitations and potentially serious side effects of popular libido-boosting drugs like Viagra, why not try a safe natural solution that provides the same benefits and then some? Source:
  • Friends For Life

    47 300x2261 150x150 jpg America is in the midst of a loneliness epidemic – and the isolation is compromising our health; yet because our culture esteems self-reliance and hates dependency, many of us are ashamed to admit we’re lonely and too proud to...
  • Tips on How to Protect Your Medical Records

    51 300x1461 150x146 jpg Patients discuss private matters with their doctors with the implicit understanding that the information exchanged is private. In reality, more and more people are gaining access to these confidential medical records ad using the information in ways you never...
  • Safety Tips Regarding Blood Transfusions

    4461 150x150 jpg Although the nation’s blood supply is safer today than ever before, many people remain fearful of catching AIDS or another disease from a transfusion. Source:
  • How to Avoid Major Hospital Dangers

    4461 150x150 jpg Most people make an assumption that they’re safe when they check into a hospital, but mistakes do happen – sometimes with serious or even fatal consequences. Source:
  • Heal Faster After Surgery

    76 200x3001 150x150 jpg An excellent surgeon may be the most important ingredient for successful surgery, but the surgeon’s skill is just one of many factors that affect the speed and ease with which a patient recovers after an operation. Source: