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  • Get Stress Free For Free

    77 298x3001 150x150 jpg Feeling overworked or weighed down by the stresses of life? Learn this simple way to relax wherever you are. Source:
  • Tips For a Safe, Happy Hospital Stay

    17 300x225 150x150 jpg How can you ensure that you receive the best possible care during a hospital stay? The first step is to become an informed patient. source :
  • Stay Informed About the Medicines You Take

    medicines 300x1691 150x150 png Drug side effects are one of the most frequent causes of hospitalization in the U.S. Some of these side effects occur due to mistakes by a doctor or pharmacist, while others occur when patients take their medicines incorrectly. Source:...
  • Living Easy With Arthritis

    Arthritis 300x2501 150x150 jpg If you live with arthritis, even the smallest task can be painful and tough on your joints. With a few tweaks here and there, though, your day-to-day life can be much more manageable. Source:
  • Prescription Drug Savings

    main banner home 300x2021 150x150 jpg No doubt you already realize that you’re often able to save on costly medications by asking your doctor for a prescription for generic equivalents. Source:
  • Stay Safe and Healthy When Traveling By Airplane

    Traveling by Air 300x1901 150x150 jpg Any long trip is tiring, but air travel can also cause health problems – like colds and other respiratory infections, aches and pains, jet lag and even a potentially fatal condition known as pulmonary embolism. Fortunately, there are easy...
  • 3 Medicinal Oils You Should Be Using

    shutterstock 84827734 300x2001 150x150 jpg Conventional wisdom has it that oils are something to keep out of our diets. These liquid fats are just too laden with calories. However, there are certain oils that have great medicinal purposes. Source:
  • Wellness Tips For Your Heart’s Health

    healthy heart 300x1961 150x150 jpg Attitude, outlook and emotional response to stress are more important to your heart’s health than you may realize. You can conquer illness if you keep negative emotions in check, maintain a peaceful environment, and surround yourself with positive people....
  • Summer Camp Wellness Tips For Parents

    summer camp 300x2251 150x150 jpg Summer camp is more than a country vacation for children. At camp, kids learn to appreciate the outdoors, develop companionship and pick up skills that enhance self-reliance, cooperation and interdependence. These skills will remain with them throughout childhood and...
  • 3 Ways Currants Benefit Your Health

    red currant 300x225 150x150 jpg   More than one fruit goes by the name “currant.” You have the red, white, or black berry that grows on shrubs and the tiny dried and seedless Zante grape, similar to a raisin. Whichever version of the currant...
  • Why Your Body Needs Phytochemicals

    phytochemical 1 300x227 150x150 jpg Natural chemicals in plants, called phytochemicals or phytonutrients, can have a powerful effect on the human body. These tens of thousands of substances – found in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices – have been used to treat and prevent...
  • Beware of Bloodshot Eyes

    index 150x150 jpg Bloodshot eyes aren’t merely a sign of alcoholism or spending long hours in front of your computer with little or no sleep. Persistent redness can even indicate illness. Source:
  • How to Prevent Hearing Loss

    hearing loss 300x209 150x150 jpg We tend to take our hearing for granted, until we start to lose it. The sad thing is that once hearing loss occurs, it’s usually irreversible. Source:
  • Hidden Dangers in Everyday Household Products and Foods

    Indoor Plants 300x243 150x150 jpg Hidden in certain household products we use everyday are dangerous chemicals that can seriously affect our health. Even some foods are affected by these same toxins. Source:
  • Beware of Indoor Pollutants

    hearing loss1 300x209 150x150 jpg Environmental pollution can cause all sorts of ailments, including asthma, allergies, immune system suppression and even cancer. Though outdoor pollutants do pose a health risk, people largely underestimate how harmful indoor pollutants can be. Source:
  • Reduce On-the-Job Stress

    280 150x150 jpg Job stress tends to spill out into your personal life – at least if you let it. It’s wise to keep a clear line of distinction between your work and home life, though, and not allow the intensity and...
  • 7 Office Stress-Reducing Exercises

    2811 150x150 jpg The millions of Americans who suffer with back and neck pain are unable to identify a specific incident as the root of the problem, but one of the most common causes of back and neck problems is simply being...
  • Break Free From the Trap of Workaholism

    282 300x125 150x125 jpg Workaholism is seen by some as a good thing, but at what price? Workaholism equals imbalance and exhaustion, and something significant in your life is bound to suffer. Source:
  • Mind/Body Techniques For Your Health

    283 300x150 150x150 jpg The brain is your most prized possession when it comes to your healing and wellbeing. Drugs serve the good purpose of treating existing medical conditions, but mind/body techniques may be more effective at disease prevention – without any side...