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  • Toothache Busters

    23 150x150 jpeg Nothing beats a toothache like good preventative dental care and personal dental hygiene of your own, but should a flaming toothache rear its head, here are some unconventional ways of abating it. Source:
  • Hope for Winter Blues

    24 300x1991 150x150 jpg There is hope for even the worst Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferer, though you may not have even realized that there was a name for what you have been experiencing. Like clockwork, as the cold weather creeps in, so...
  • Acupuncture: Healing For All That Ails You

    29 150x150 jpeg If getting shots at the doctor’s office isn’t your thing, you may find acupuncture rather intimidating. However, a lot of people who have had the procedure done find that it’s not as painful as one might think – and...
  • Light Therapy For Daytime Drowsiness

    45 300x1561 150x150 jpg Touted as a quick fix for everything from insomnia to low sex drive, melatonin has fast become one of the biggest-selling nutritional supplements in U.S. history. For some individuals, however, the problem is not having too little melatonin, but...
  • The Healing Power of the Mind

    48 300x2251 150x150 jpg The most impressive healing force – one that is universally accessible – is the power of the individual to cure him- or herself. Source:
  • What You Need to Know About Shingles

    52 300x2031 150x150 jpg If you have ever had chicken pox – and 95% of Americans have – you are at risk for the blistering rash and severe pain of shingles. Source:
  • Beat Soft-Tissue Injuries & Joint Pain

    19 150x150 jpg A sudden twinge in an elbow, shoulder, knee or another joint is probably not arthritis. Most forms of arthritis develop slowly, striking first in the hands. Instead, you’ve probably irritated the soft tissue around the joint, which calls for...
  • Beware Bee Stings

    bee 300x2111 150x150 jpg If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you know it’s no picnic. The pain is intense and the swelling is quite pronounced, but for some people, a bee sting could be so much more than a nuisance. It...
  • Arnica: A Simple Fix for Minor Injuries

    bandage 300x2301 150x150 jpg Arnica is a natural herbal remedy that has long been used to treat minor wounds, cuts, burns and bruises. Arnica also treats many other medical ailments, but is probably most effective at pain relief. Source:
  • Heal Yourself the Chinese Way

    deep breathing exercises benefits 300x1991 150x150 jpg Tons of medical research shows that the human body is capable of remarkable feats of self-healing. Self-healing happens automatically when you cultivate your body’s self-healing powers. Source:
  • Natural Remedies For Pain Relief

    natural remedy acid reflux 300x1991 150x150 jpg For many people, reaching for pain relievers is as instinctual as eating. When hunger arises, the first thought is to head to the refrigerator to grab a bite. At the first sign of pain, their first thought is to...
  • Hair Loss Prevention for Men & Women

    487 hair loss prevention 101 1044733 flash 1044733 flash 300x1681 150x150 jpg Men and women have battled hair loss for millennia. Today’s sensational methods – from prescription lotions to spray-on fake hair – are mere cover-ups and do nothing to regrow hair. Source:
  • Home Remedies For Common Childhood Ailments

    Common Childhood Illnesses 2 300x1931 150x150 jpg When it comes to their children, parents (especially first-time moms and dads) can get a little flustered about how to care for them properly. It’s no wonder when mild ailments like the common cold, fever, rashes and sunburn could...
  • GERD/Heartburn Remedies

    4461 150x150 jpg Heartburn is little more than a nuisance to some, but the condition can be disabling, and severe cases can even lead to esophageal cancer. Luckily, most cases can be controlled with lifestyle modifications, drugs and surgery, in extreme cases....
  • Magnets for Pain Relief

    back pain 2 150x150 jpg   Magnetic therapy has long been used around the world to speed the healing of broken bones and soft-tissue injuries, though in the US, the practice is believed to be nonsensical and ineffective for medical purposes. Source:
  • Natural Remedies for Drug Addiction

    345 150x150 jpg Drug addiction is one of the hardest addictions to break; and the harder the drug, the more intense the addiction. Quitting “cold turkey” can be an excruciating ordeal, so how does a person kick the habit?   Source:
  • Helpful Tips to Get Rid of Dandruff

    358 300x173 150x150 jpg If you’ve ever been pestered or plagued by that embarrassing “dust” on your shoulder or “snowstorm” brought on by brushing and combing your hair, this article is for you.   Source:
  • Eat Your Way to Blemish-Free Skin

    365 150x150 jpg Forego loading up your face with makeup or airbrushing your blemishes away; you can eat and drink your way to clear skin.   Source: