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Diet during Pregnancy: What you should avoid

Life is about to change ladies, and things might get more than a little bumpy. We are about to fill you in on all those foods that you are going to need to give up for the next nine months. All those foods that you hear pregnant women talk about missing, well, you are about to miss all of those and a whole load more. Let’s just jump right to it… Caffeine – Sorry ladies; you are going to need to find something else to fix your caffeine craving. You don’t have to give caffeine up completely of curse; but you are expected to cut right down. The maximum level that you should be consuming when you are pregnant is about 200mg – any more than this and you are putting your own health, plus the health of your baby, at risk. Coffee2 Source: Flickr.com/photos/epsos/8097327748/sizes/m/in/photostream/ Fish – To be fair, most types of fish are actually okay to eat during your pregnancy, but there are a few that you should probably look to avoid. Foods such as tuna, trout and mackerel should be cut right down, as well as other types of oily fish. Two portions is enough to see you through, which is the same as around four tins of tuna. Sushi is another type of fish that you should look at avoiding – the whole raw food thing doesn’t tend to go down well with babies. The whole fish thing is mostly down to mercury – something that is present in these fish and can affect the nervous system of your unborn child. Sushi Source: Flickr.com/photos/cl_03/8538182531/sizes/m/in/photostream/ Peanuts – With the whole peanut allergy thing becoming a constant worry and the conditions seemingly becoming more and more popular, you should look at avoiding peanuts during pregnancy just in case. There seems to have been a lot of confusion about the whole peanut-pregnancy debate over the past few years but there have been links shown between conditions such as eczema, hayfever, asthma and allergies and peanut allergies in unborn children. So, if you have a family history of any of these conditions, it is wise to just avoid the peanuts for a while. Alcohol – The amounts that you are “allowed” to drink while you are pregnant has changed many times over the past few years and recent recommendations by medical professionals state that you should avoid alcohol altogether if you are pregnant or are trying for a baby. If you do feel the need to have a drink, have no more than one or two units per week. With a link between increased alcohol intake during pregnancy and a lower IQ in the child, it’s probably for the best to just avoid this. Alcohol doesn’t seem like a lot of fun but when you think about the end result, it is well worth it. A few months of sacrifices will result in you creating a beautiful and healthy life, and there is no better feeling in the world. A few final tips that you may want to take into consideration are:
  • Try to avoid liver. Liver contains lots of vitamin A and this has been shown, when found in high amounts, to link to deformities to the unborn child.
  • Don’t eat cheese that is mould-ripened.
  • “Normal” cheese is fine – cheddar, edam, cream cheese, parmesan, etc.
  • Spicy foods is also fine to eat but you may notice that the stronger foods will upset your tummy more than normal.

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