Dr. Oz Diet Tips (TOP7)

If you want to get the best dieting results, you should follow a few simple guidelines. Here are dieting tips from Dr. Oz. I also added one myself.


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Diet Tips from Dr. Oz

#1 Add high-fiber foods to your daily diet.

You can cleanse your colon naturally by eating high-fiber, whole grain foods. Not all of them taste very well, but it’s worth it.

#2 Eating the same foods over and over again ..

If you do this you will lose more weight. If you have a mixed diet plan then you will lose weight slower.

#3 Replace refined carbs (that store fat) with whole-grain.

This will boost your metabolism.

#4 Eat on schedule 3 times a day plus two snacks.

Will help your body with proper digestion.

#6 Replace foods on your diet plan that you may not like with foods that you like (find a healthy alternative).

You won’t have any success if you don’t actually like your diet plan.

My own tip:

#7 Stay focused.

Formulate a 1-sentence goal that you will be repeat if you are tempted to eat something you shouldn’t. This helped me a lot.

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