A Closer Look at Thyroid Problem Symptoms

Having an overactive or underactive thyroid is one of the biggest problems faced by people all over the world but the bad news is that very often this condition often goes unnoticed as the symptoms are all very similar to that of other medical conditions.

It is only when you take a closer look at some of the symptoms that you appreciate how they can be related to other problems and how easy it is for this medical complaint to easily go without diagnosis and correct treatment.



Hypothyroidism is the technical name for the thyroid gland not working as well as it should be and involves the gland itself not producing enough of the essential hormones that the body needs in order to function properly. There are usually stages of symptoms as there are with most medical conditions and some of the earliest symptoms that you may notice with a thyroid problem will often include tiredness, weight gain and poor appetite.

These symptoms are so easily connected to other medical complaints that at this stage of the condition, a misdiagnosis will usually occur. As well as the symptoms already mentioned, there is usually a list of others that you may or may not get with a thyroid problem – everyone is different.

In kids, a usually bright student may find it hard to grasp even the simplest of work tasks and the same for adults in their everyday working environments. Attention spans may be shorter than usual, cold temperatures may feel considerably colder than they usually would and also be much harsher on the body, every bug and flu going around in the community will be picked up and suffered with, dry skin and bad conditioned hair will often be noticed, feeling sad and depressed may be a regular occurrence and on top of all of these, it may be noticed that there is a problem with puffy and dark eyes and generally a poor looking face and skin. It is easy to understand why these symptoms can often go unnoticed as these could be a sign of just not getting enough sleep or having a particularly rough week!

Once you have reached the later stages of your thyroid problem, here are some more symptoms to come and they just get worse. If you find these occurring on top of the ones that we have already mentioned, it is most definitely time to get yourself checked out by a medical professional! More weight gain is a very obvious sign especially if you have not found that your weight changes on a regular basis.

Not only that buy you may find that your menstrual cycle has changed in its pattern (obviously one for the women and not the men!) You may even find that your periods have stopped altogether and this is always a sign that there is something wrong with your body!

Of course, if you have a thyroid that is producing far too much of the hormones needed in the body then you will also find symptoms that are fairly similar. The lack of periods or change to menstrual cycle is just one of them, decrease in attention span is another but then there are some more added in for good measure – feeling very nervous, using the bathroom more often than usual, having huge temperature fluctuations (going from very, very hot to very, very cold in a short space of time) and of course the obvious opposite to that listed for an underactive thyroid – a loss of weight.

If you find that there is something going on with your body that is out of the norm and especially if it lasts for longer periods of time than usual then it is time to seek medical help and now is a better time than ever. Don’t leave it too late to find out that you have a thyroid problem!

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