Do I have Alzheimer?

Alzheimer is a very serious word that people usually don`t want to hear, especially when it is related to themselves or other close people. This is not a reaction to be judged though, as fear is a normal reaction when it comes to ant kind of disease, and we all know this is not your average any kind of disease.

When it comes to any kind of diseases, people usually tend to solve it them selves by using two common steps: either by going directly to the pharmacy, or by asking for online opinions from people who have had the same symptoms or that just know someone who had them (or maybe just thought they did), So what I`m trying to say is that people don`t always make the best choices when it comes to their health.

Alzheimer disease


Don’t Panic

You may ask yourself, why would anyone rely on other people`s advices when it comes to their health? Well, they actually don`t, or at least they usually don`t. The effect that this method has on people is just driving them crazy, giving them even more ideas about what they might have and making them panic with absolutely no result.

When one starts to read about diseases symptoms, one usually begin to think they have a lot of the symptoms they read about, thus suffering from an enormous number of diseases. This is not an abnormal reaction though as it is commonly found among med students that often have the sensation that they suffer from the diseases they read about.

Visiting the doctor

So if you are the type of person that is afraid to go to the doctor, you have a better possibility that will allow you to make an idea about what you might suffer from and maybe even get you an appointment to the doctor`s office.

I`m sure you all heard about Dr. Oz. Well, because he is so popular and now everyone wants to get his opinion, Dr. Oz has given everyone the possibility to ask him about their problems online, by posting their exact problem. Because it would be impossible for him to see everyone in his office, this method gives everyone a chance to grab a piece of him.

If you post a question for him and you get your answer it will not only help you get an idea about what steps you need to take, but it will also help others that might be in the same position but are afraid to ask.

In some of his answers, D. Zed gives information about Alzheimer disease, too. We all know that this disease affects the brain, the patient especially having to deal with memory loss, but the worst thing about it is that nobody knows what causes it.

Another problem is that it doesn`t have fixed main characteristics of it self, so the diagnosis is usually made be eliminations. The only sure way to diagnose someone with Alzheimer disease is through an autopsy.

I`m afraid the only better part about this is that if discovered in an early stage, the patient has the possibility to start his treatment earlier, this slowing down the memory loss rhythm.

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