Fibromyalgia Disease Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a disease related to arthritis. Because it is very difficult to spot, Dr. Oz has made an entire show on this disease, trying to draw people`s attention to it`s symptoms so it can be easy to spot. Everyone knows that the sooner you spot a disease, the easier it is to treat it.




How can we spot fibromyalgia?

Although this disease is very difficult to spot, the most common symptom people usually have when they suffer from fibromyalgia is muscle pain. Of course there are a great number of other diseases that might have the same symptoms, that’s why it is very important to get a professional opinion.

It is very hard for doctors to give this diagnosis to, as they have a lot of other diseases to exclude from the list of possibilities. A really detailed discussion with your doctor will be very useful though as there are other related symptoms that might draw their attention and directly place you with the correct diagnosis. Here are some of the other related symptoms that can set an alarm toward fibromyalgia:

Constant Headaches

Headaches are very common symptoms that can mislead us a lot of times. We can get headaches because of lack of sleep, stress, bad weather, common cold and a lot of other reasons. We will never be able to spot a disease such as fibromyalgia just by having a headache. We might able to do it though if we relate repeated headaches to muscle pain.

Bladder and bowel problems

This particular symptom can be very misleading to women as they often get irritable bladder. After a certain age, in women`s case, a simple two minutes on a cold bench or any other kind of cold surface will guarantee very decreased blather control. This will not only make you go to the bathroom often, but it can also cause you constant pain.

Problems with your memory

Memory problems are very difficult to spot, but when someone draws your attention to them, you should take it seriously. Memory problems will never be symptoms of a common disease like the flue or any other light disease, that`s why it should be given the attention it deserves.

Pelvic pain

Pain in your pelvic area can also misguide women as they might mistake this symptom as clear blather or ovaries cold.
Sensitivity to noise

If you are sensitive to noise, you will probably blame it on stress as it is not a very common symptom and people don`t usually pay a lot of attention to this kind of body signs.

Sensitivity to temperature changes

Temperature change is also a more rarely encountered symptom. As a result, it should definitely draw your attention once you repeatedly experience it.

Other symptoms that you might encounter is anxiety or/and depression. You might not know that you suffer from depression but pain can easily do that to a person, no matter how much character strength one might have.

If you spot any of these symptoms, don`t hesitate to make a doctor`s appointment as soon as possible.


  1. jean schulty

    I have all of the above on this wonderful thing . I am also have a problem / I am never hungry and can really go for days I could . I have had this problem for as long as I can remember . I weight 230 at least . I like to do anything to keep me busy . I feel bad when I do eat because I should not weight as much as I do . One doc said I am starving my self so anything I eat my body say keep because we my not get anymore . I feel if I have to eat 4/5 times a day I will not have a life and feel like a pig in front of the troff . I am 46 of age and proud of the fact that I have three kids and 4 grandkids . I don’t feel as big as I am but it real clear I am . I wear a 24 in jeans and some tops are up to a size 3 . I am at a loss in some ways and hang my head that this has become the me I never wanted to be . I am on meds for sleeping / depression / and the muscle pain . I want to feel alive again and younger . I am okay with looking 46 but not 64 ( ha ha ) . I work in a High School Kitchen 4 hrs . a day we feed over 2,000.00 kids a day . MY phone number is 503-856-9010 . If you have any ? for me that may help others and give hope that is but a rock in the road that can be moved . Thank you for your time / Jean Schulty

  2. CJ

    For many years my doctors told me that I had fibromyalgia; but had no real treatment other than the use of trigger point injections into the trapezius muscles and sympathetic blocks through the spine. Now my doctor has me on Sevella, an antidepressant, that has both a SSRI and norephniprine which seems to be helping. It is my understanding through books that I have read on this disease is that once you have it; sort of like MERSA, you have it for the rest of your life. Is this true?

    My second comment is in regards to MERSA. Is it true that once you have been dx with it you will always have it in your blood even after the staph infection has been cured?

    Lastly, I have several allegeries to Rx’s (over 40) is there any paticular way to find out if my allergic rxn is to the Rx or to the perservative utilized in the drug? I’m also allergic to fish (iodine) but not shellfish. From my training this is strange b/c I can eat shrimp and not go into anaphylaxis but if I eat tuna,shark,or halibut I am using my epi pen and being rushed to the nearest ED.

    There is only thing my family would like to suggest. Would it be possible to just do an hour show on one topic? For example, your program on headaches, I have had migranes for over 15 years and they have been treated with everything imaginable. I do treat them with Maxalt 10mg, however, sometimes they get so bad I have to go get a pain injection and sleep it away. One thing my family noticed during the show was that you didn’t really touch on “tiggers” that cause migraines. I’m not a doctor, but I do know a lot when it comes to this topic and aware that it is hereditary. Mine come from my mother’s side where my grandmother use to have them, but it passed her and came to me. It also has gone on to my cousin on my mother’s side and passed over her sister. Is there a blood test available to determine if we actually do carry the gene linked to migranes?

    Thank you for your time and the information you provide to the world.


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