Memory Test: Could I have Alzheimer?

It is very important to identify any diseases as soon as possible. It will be treated more easily. Memory problems, too. If we start early medications and treatments, they will slow dawn the progress of the disease.

When the memory problems start it is impossible to stop it. Lost abilities are usually not possible to recover. For this reason is very important the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and dementia to be made early.




The memory test of Dr. Oz may help us identify early these problems. Alzheimer’s disease often is not easy to be recognized. Specially, in the first stage, often it is misdiagnosed.
Many times, the patient or his family make the mistake to believe that the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are the consequences of the old age. It is very easy to make confusion even by health professionals on Alzheimer’s disease.

50% over 85 years have Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease produces a progressive and degenerative disorder in our brain. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the causes of dementia but there is many another causes that produce dementia. Alzheimer’s disease destroys gradually memory, judgment, and reason. This disease works in stages and destroys the capacity to carry a simple task.

Statistics say that ten percent from the people over 65 years old and almost half from the people over 85 years old have Alzheimer’s disease. Persons with Alzheimer’s disease may live for years and they will die from another disease.
From the diagnosis a person with Alzheimer’s disease to her death can be over 20 years. The average duration of Alzheimer’s disease is between 4 to 8 years. If the old population of the world will increase very much, the number of persons with Alzheimer’s disease will be very numerous.

When can we know if a person is susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease? The symptoms can range from a beginning stage to an advanced stage. Firstly, a person can be confusion and have memory loss. It may have problems with daily tasks, not to be capable to eat, to dress, to go to shopping.

Sometimes that person will have sleep disturbances and will be anxious and agitate. When the stage of Alzheimer’s disease is advanced that person will loss speech, will not have ability to recognize friends or the members of the family and will be dependent on caregivers.

The Test

Alzheimer’s disease is not the cause for all the memory loss. Many problems with memory are caused by the loss of neuron function or vascular accidents. Dr. Oz give us a diagnostic test which will help us to detect quickly if a person has a beginning Alzheimer’s disease. We give to a person a phone number from seven figures to remember. A person with some memory problems will not be able to remember the whole number immediately.

Now, if you give the Alzheimer patient three different phone numbers, along with the original number, a person with Alzheimer’s disease will not recognize original number.

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