New Flu Strain Affecting Sick People Everywhere

As the holidays roll around, and people and families gather for the upcoming holiday season, unfortunately cold and flu seasons creep up as well. Research on Thursday shows that the H1N1 flu strain that affected people in a bad way, is making its way through the flu season once again.



The news about the comeback of the H1N1 virus is puzzling researchers, and making the upcoming flu season a dreaded one. The H1N1 virus is reaching its way across the globe, and reports in Canada and North America show that the repeating virus is having its way with its victims.

From 2009 To Now

The H1N1 virus initially made its way through the flu season in 2009, and triggered a national and in some areas a worldwide campaign to get people vaccinated against the flu and this particular virus. The H1N1 virus unfortunately had its way with children and adults, and particularly had young children at its highest target rate.

Many public health agencies are encouraging people to get flu vaccinations as soon as they can, as the holiday seasons approach, as this is the greatest period when flu viruses, like the H1N1 find their way travelling between people. Children, adults, and elderly get together to share holiday times, and generally share bugs and colds at the same time.

Not Just The Elderly At Risk

Researchers in talking about the comeback of the H1N1 virus made sure to point out that it wasn’t just the elderly at risk with this virus. The H1N1 virus has a tendency to attack the young verus the old, which is unlike any other flu virus out there. For those under five, they are the greatest risk, as their immune systems haven’t had a chance to adapt.

The H1N1 virus sometimes affected people with hospitalization visits required, but many can be treated at their local physicians. Deadlier strains of the H1N1 virus are known to exist, and can result in more harmful reactions for those with chronic health conditions.

For those between 20-60, they generally have the best range of being able to fight the H1N1 virus according to the researchers. By getting immunized, you can protect yourself, and keep yourself healthy as the holiday season and 2014 year approaches.

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