Panic Attack Symptoms, Causes And Natural Remedies

Do you happen to have panic attacks? Here are some common symptoms, causes and natural remedies that can help you to manage them.




Sidenote: Many diseases can affect your brain and cause panic attacks. Candida albicans for example causes depression and panic attacks – however there can be many contributing factors, including psychological factors, so you will first have to analyze when your panic attacks appear and if they might be related to what you eat.

Panic Attack Symptoms

When a person has a panic attack, he generally views it as a harmful event. When a panic attack comes on suddenly for no apparent reason, the sufferer does not realize that the attack is actually the body’s natural mechanism intended to preserve life. Instead, because the symptoms mimic a heart attack, the person in the midst of a panic attack thinks he is dying.

Panic attack, also known as panic disorder or panic habit, is actually quite common, experienced by roughly ten percent of the population. Men, women, teens, and children alike can have a panic attack, and all report similar symptoms. They experience a raging heartbeat, heart palpitations or chest pains. They are dizzy, lightheaded or nauseated.

In addition, they experience trembling, sweating, shaking, hot flashes or sudden chills, and a tingling in the fingers or toes, described as “pins and needles.” Because of the panic attack, a feeling of dread and of terror that is almost paralyzing comes over them. They have difficulty breathing. They begin to choke, feeling as though they cannot get enough air.

Panic Attack Causes

Victims of panic attacks cannot explain what triggers them, but most people suffering from a panic attack say that they feel like they are going crazy. They are nervous, fearful, frightful, afraid, and anxious for no obvious reason. They are not paranoid or afraid of anything in particular. In fact, the panic attack seems to come from nowhere.

In reality, the panic attack is more like the fight or flight response than a heart attack. The Fight or Flight, or Fight or Flee, Response was once used to protect mankind from saber tooth tigers and other dangers that routinely threatened physical survival. When the Fight or Flight Response is activated, the body undergoes a series of dramatic changes caused by nerve cells firing and chemicals, like adrenaline and other hormones, releasing into the bloodstream.

The respiratory rate increases. Blood is shunted away from the digestive tract and directed into the muscles and limbs. Adrenaline pumps and the heart begins to thump. The pupils dilate. Awareness intensifies, and the person prepares to — physically and psychologically — fight or flee. He then scans his environment, “looking for the enemy.”

In the modern world, a person’s actual physical survival is seldom threatened. However, today’s everyday stresses can prompt the Fight or Flight Response. Normally, a panic attack begins with an unexpected and inexplicable surge in adrenaline — an “anxiety rush.” Because we do not understand what is happening or why, we panic.

Panic Attack Natural Remedies

When a panic attack occurs, the chronic panic attack sufferer often mistakes the environment outside his home for “the enemy.” Left unchecked, these episodes of panic attack can lead to agoraphobia. For this reason, panic attack remedies should be sought early before they get out of control and phobias or agoraphobia develop. There are a variety of natural remedies available to relieve panic attack symptoms.

For instance, Lemon Balm, for sale at by several different companies, is a mild sedative that combats the digestive problems related to panic attacks. It also alleviates the elevated heart rate that often accompanies a panic attack. The best natural remedy for panic attack is Oatstraw, which Amazon also sells. Oatstraw, which can be combined with other herbs, instantly relieves the nervousness of a panic attack.

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