Preventing Diabetes

Unfortunately, Diabetes is a very common disease, too many people having to confront with it for the rest of their lives. Although it is a harsh disease, Diabetes is a test of strength. Diabetes makes you grow; it gives a certain balance and order to your life, turning the patient into a responsible human being.

Once you know that you suffer from Diabetes, it is useless to focus on how hard it will affect your existence and how hard your life will be.



The best way to approach this kind of situation is getting used to the treatment as soon as possible, finding the most practical way of getting your medicine and try to continue with your daily routine and responsibilities as much as you possibly can. A disease like Diabetes builds up your character, changing you as a person.

But before talking about treatments, we should talk about how to prevent it. Dr. Oz claims that 90% of diabetes is preventable and reversible. The main way we can prevent this awful disease is watching our every day diet.

As everyone knows, the biggest cause of this awful disease is sugar. We tend to consume a lot of sugar, even without knowing it. If we analyze it a little closer, I`m sure we`ll discover that we consume a lot more sugar than we have ever thought we might.
Let`s take an ordinary day as an example:

We get up and we have our morning holy coffee with… you`ve guessed it: SUGAR. Everyone has their own coffee habits in the morning. Some like it sweeter, some just take one spoon of sugar, others prefer honey. Either choice you will make is guaranteed to assure your body a considerable quantity of sugar.
In case you are not a coffee person, remember that tea will have the same effect, as long as you continue your sugar related habits.

Healthy Replacements

If you are in a rush and you have to skip breakfast, you might be tempted to have a cereal bar on the way to work. Although cereals are very good for you, the cereals bars are not sugar free, so you can add up another source of sugar in just one day.

Working in an office will also keep you away from healthy home made food, and even if you try to choose healthy replacements like yoghurt or salads, they will also considerably add to your already consumed sugar quantity.

I suppose it is useless to mention that deserts should be strictly off limits on a common day, especially if you find yourselves in the situations mentioned above.

These are only obvious, direct ways of getting sugar into your body, but there are other subtle ways that we do it, without even realizing. We have certain healthy habits that will cause a lot of damage to your body, especially if you add them up to your already mentioned habits.
Yes, you`ve guessed it, fruit consumption can also get a lot of sugar into your body. It is very important that you choose your fruits properly by taking all aspects into consideration.

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