Shingles Leading To Increased Risks of Heart Attacks and Strokes

If you or anyone you know has ever experienced the rash and blisters that Shingles brings, you know the extremely uncomfortable experience that they endure. But, research on Thursday came out that those Shingles sufferers might have increased risks for heart attacks and strokes.

The news from British researchers on Thursday, took a look at people who have suffered shingles in their lifetimes. The research shows that those who have had shingles can often suffer twenty years later with higher risks of these problems, and shows Shingles is more dangerous than thought.

Shingles Study Finds Heart Attacks And Strokes More Common Than Thought

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What Is Shingles

Shingles is the dormant chickenpox virus that sits in the human body, and depending upon the person can occur at any moment. Often times, the Shingles virus sits in the body for years, and traditionally sits in the human body after one is infected with chickenpox earlier in their lives.

Shingles generally takes effect once it settles in and reintroduces itself to the adult many years later. The virus travels along a nerve to the skin, and thus creates painful rashes, blisters, and severe discomfort. The nerve inflammation causes Shingles to go on for weeks and months, and cause severe pain to the patient.

Shingles Study

The study though took a look at those who have suffered Shingles in their lives. Those who have had it, generally face an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke due to the weakened immune system. Other heart factors are also taken into effect like smoking, obesity, and other things in the body.

The research shows that the Shingles virus hides out in the blood vessels. By hiding out in the blood vessels, the virus then moves into the blood steam of the heart and adding to the effects of cardiovascular disease and more. Those who get Shingles from 18-40 are 50 percent more likely to get a heart attack as well. While there are Shingles viruses in the market, the virus is generally given to the elderly as Shingles traditionally takes its toll on the elderly versus the younger patients. This research shows that Shingles is an even deadlier virus than thought, and can be just than more of an adult chickenpox to many.

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