Signs You May Have Cancer

Do you know the signs you may have cancer? You should know! Every year, millions of people across the globe are diagnosed with a form of cancer, and thousands of people succumb to the dreaded disease.



IMPORTANT: This is a very sensitive topic – We cannot give you any medical advice, this information is for educational purposes only, please consult a doctor if you believe you may have cancer.

Nothing strikes the heart of most people like a cancer diagnosis, but not all cancer is deadly. While some people may not have major symptoms until it is too late, there are other subtle symptoms that people miss. The signs you may have cancer differ between the different forms of cancer, but it will help if you can educate yourself on the signs today.

Lung cancer symptoms

Lung cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. 85% of people are dead within five years of diagnosis. Many people don’t recognize what is happening until it is too late. The most common signs of this type of cancer are loss of appetite, coughing and chest pain.

Smokers are at a much higher risk of getting this, but not everyone who gets this is a smoker. You may also notice you are losing weight fast and suffering from fever and fatigue. People who deal with second-hand smoke are also at an increased risk of getting lung cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer

This is also a deadly form of cancer. Most people don’t have symptoms of this cancer until it is already too late. If you have symptoms of sudden weight loss, fatigue, and fever, you need to go see a doctor right away.

There are lots of other illnesses you could have with these symptoms too, so make sure you go to a doctor if you have similar issues. The five year survival rate is only 4%, and only 20% of people live at least a year after diagnosis.

Testicular Cancer

This form of cancer is very treatable in most cases, and it usually strikes men between the ages of 18 to 35. There are certain signs you should recognize if you feel you may have this type of cancer.

Men may have a lump in the one testis. You may feel a heaviness in the scrotum area. The man may feel a pain described as “heaviness” in the scrotum, or he may feel a sharp pain or dull ache in the lower abdomen or scrotum. You may also have pain in your lower back or breast enlargement too.

Stomach cancer

When you have stomach cancer, you may not have any symptoms in the early stages. If you start to have a lot of weight loss or you feel pain in the stomach, you should see a doctor immediately. You should also go to see a doctor if you have vomiting and nausea too. Most people who are diagnosed with stomach cancer have a poor prognosis as it is often not caught until it is too late.

Colon Cancer

If doctors find colon cancer early, the five year survival rate of this illness is 64.1 %. Prognosis is based on when the cancer is found. There are not any early stage symptoms of this disease, so doctors urge older adults to have a colonoscopy regularly. Eventually you may notice severe constipation or blood in the stools. You should be checked if you feel you have any symptoms.

With the right checkups ahead of time, you have the best chance to protect yourself against a future grim diagnosis.

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