Types of Lupus disease

Lupus is an often met disease in our days at people. Those peoples who carry it know that this disease is doing very wrong things with your organism, practically forces the immune system to attack the human bodies the healthy tissues. In America, 1.5 millions of people are affected by this disease nowadays. Generally attacks more women than man, approximately 90 percent of the affected people by lupus are women.

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The symptoms can be different to everybody, so its very difficult to diagnose it in an early stage, when it could be stopped much easier. Also, the number of the symptoms can be different too for every person, this makes it even more difficult to guess what is happening.

Types of Lupus

Until today, 4 different types of lupus are known. The first and the most dangerous is the systemic lupus, 70 percent of the people who have lupus have this kind of it. For 15 percent of them, the symptoms appear in teen years. It is known as the most dangerous of all kinds of lupus, because in this case, your immune system is forced by the lupus to attack every vital organism from your body.

So the heart, lungs, kidney, or blood vessels, skin pancreas, liver, tendons, and even the nervous system. But, the effects can be either life threatening, or not so dangerous. Usually, the disease develops at people between 15-44 years.

Some of these people suffer strokes, others have some kind of brain inflammation. Other symptoms generally met are fatigue, swollen joints, or kidney damages. It is not indicated for them to stay under the sun, because the ultraviolet rays can harm them. Other possible symptoms are malar, hair loss, no appetite, unexplainable fever, sores in mouth or nose, seizures, anemia.

The second type of lupus is called discoid lupus, this one is not so dangerous and it only affects the skin. Its causing the appearance of red raised rashes on different parts of your skin, like neck or face. These rashes will last even for years on peoples skin. From 10 to 15 percent of lupus carrier have this type of lupus.

The third kind is created by drug consummation, called drug-induced lupus. Its usually caused by the contained things in the drug, like antiseizure, acne medicines, or procainamide. Mercury can cause it too. Yearly 10-15 thousand peoples are diagnosed with this disease in America. Although has similar effects like the systemic lupus, its not quite as powerful. Even if you take medication against it, the symptoms will disappear only after weeks or months.

And the last one is neonatal lupus, is given from mothers to their babies, if the mothers have systemic lupus. The symptoms are problems with the liver, skin rash, or low blood cells. Half of the babies will suffer from a permanent defect of the heart, today we have the solution for that, the pacemaker will be used in order to repair somehow the defect.

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  1. Jarett Jazwiec

    My daughter has Lyme disease. Would very much appreciate, If you would do a segment on your show about this disease, please thank you.

  2. Jarett Jazwiec

    My daught has Lyme disease. Would very much appreciate, If you would do a segment on your show about this disease, please thank you.

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