Did you like the Dr. Oz Show?

Well, many of you have watched it on TV. What did you like about the show? What did you not like?
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There are going to be many more shows of “Dr. Oz” and it might be a bit early to say that the show is a great success, but as we see it, Dr. Oz is a natural talent and he is definitely a great show host. What do you think?

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  1. Tricia

    Dr. Oz I understand the casein/protein in Soy products same as dairy

    are promoting cancer.

    besides soy may raise or low one estrogen

    Thanks for your awesome show & work

  2. Karen

    I was a great admirer of Dr. Oz’s programs and tried not to miss his appearances on Oprah. I always learned something and enjoyed his passion, intelligence and enthusiasm for educating us. But on this show, he’s become a circus performer. Dial it back! For an example of someone equally brilliant and talented at conveying important scientific information to the public AND with a measure of humor (and performance) without the over-the-top undignified behavior, see Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s work on NOVA Science Now. You can learn something from Dr Tyson, Dr. Oz!

  3. pam

    Frequent hand washing to prevent passing on or getting the flu requires frequent hand drying. At home presumably people use the same hand towel over and over or share it with family members. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose? Is the only solution paper towels?

    Please don’t use my name.

  4. Michele Bennett

    I thought the show was great. I just happened to catch most of it. I like the part about the 5 places on earth that are the oldest population and the foods they eat.
    I like that the show was primarily positive and informative.
    Dr. Oz appears to genuinely care about people.

  5. Joanne Beldie

    Great, great show!

  6. peggy wilson

    I love Dr. Oz, He is right about people needing hope. We have lost hope. I go to the doctor and ask simple questions and most of the time they cannot give you an answer. Then you are charged lots of money for nothing.This is a major problem. It is the talk of the town, Just go out and eat and listen to the table next to you, most of the time it is about how doctors dont listen and dont care. How can you have hope when this is going on? I have a big white spot came on my neck overnight I asked the doctor what it could be, she had no ideal but told me to ask a skin doctor; Did she even consider what that would cost me; Well Dr. Oz i am not very smart but i do have a little common sense. What is coming down

  7. Cathy

    I am a very busy person, and have little time for television, however, I am a fan of your live healthy message. I have actually set my tv to record your show (something I rarely do).
    Congratulations on your new show.
    Best Regards,

  8. Dori

    I love Dr. Oz and the show.
    Web site needs work in my opinion. I would like to access sooner and more concise info from show, ie.swine flu precautions and heart. Perhaps even a search box
    I know this soon will be remedied.
    Thanks for all the lives you touch,

  9. Michelle Senior

    I think the timing of this show could not be more important. People are finally becoming interested in their own health and becoming impowered. With information so easliy accessible on the web there is still the element of misunderstanding, and building fear based on that information. But Dr. Oz breaks that information down so it is easy to understand and takes the fear and shame away making health and wellness accessible to everyone. I think his show is a wonderful service to all people. I look forward to watching every oppotunity that I can. A few days in and already an avid fan. Thanks!
    Toronto, Ontario

  10. Bryan W. Fuller

    Hi Dr. Just wanted to let you know, I am from Canada, Ottawa, Ontario and I really enjoy your show and glad to see a lot of audience participation. Please do keep up the good work.

    Bryan W. Fuller
    [email protected]

  11. Deborah Haley

    The Dr. Oz show is the most important show on TV. I wish that the time slot for viewing would be in prime time as I think it’s very important for our nation to hear this personable, straight talking, respected physician make medical topics easy to understand. I’m in healthcare but my husband is not. I tape the show everyday and we watch it together in the evening. My husband is taking an active interest in his own health now after hearing Dr. OZ talk in simple terminology. Please consider either airing this in prime time or airing it both in the AM and PM. It could easily replace one of the entertainment programs after the nightly news. This is the most important topic in our nation today – healthcare. Thank you so much for giving our nation this wonderful resource and intelligent program. Sincerely, Deb
    PS – please make it easy to make a comment on this show – I went to the ABC TV website, the Dr. Oz TV show website, etc.

  12. Marsha Adams

    Love the show. Dr. Oz is so good at explaining things and I love the visual aids that he has. They help in seeing how things work in the body. Dr. Oz comes across as very personable and you feel as if you know him personally.

  13. Kim Graham

    Dr. Oz I love your show my 3 daughters and my self have a club we call it the Fat Club we meet once a week we weight in every 2 weeks we also keep a food book and write every thing we eat and drink every day I have gotten a lot of great info from your show Im a dietary aide in a nursing home so I know alot but your show has taught me alot thank you for all your insite.

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