Dr. Oz’s 11 Week Diet: 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Join

Five Reasons You Should Join the Dr. Oz 11 Week Diet Plan

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Lose Weight in 2011

The Dr. Oz 11 week diet is a new campaign announced by Dr. Oz to get people signed up to lose weight in 2011. There are many people who keep gaining weight, and Dr. Oz wants you to get on the 11 week diet to lose weight today. Most people say they want to lose weight, but most people never lose any weight. If you are serious about losing weight, you need to become a part of the Dr Oz 11 Week Diet.

Reasons Why This Might Work

The first reason you should join this diet plan is that most people gain 10 to 15 pounds over the holidays. Unfortunately, after they gain the 10 to 15 pounds, they never take off the weight. If you are doing the math on this, that means you wind up gaining nearly 100 pounds over 10 years! Over time, some people will lose some of their holiday weight at the gym, but most don’t lose all of the weight over the next year. Over time, that means most people gain a few pounds every year.

You should join the Dr. Oz 11 Week Diet plan because it will teach you how to eat a healthy diet. Most people are not eating the right foods, and this leads to massive weight gain and other health issues. Most people that have had cardiovascular issues and other health issues are contributing to their problems by eating the wrong foods.

Three weeks to form a new habit
Research has shown that it takes three weeks to form a new habit. 11 weeks is plenty of time to establish new eating habits and trends so you can change your lifestyle and your future.

A third reason for joining the Dr. Oz 11 Week Diet plan is that you do not have to be a member of the gym to follow this plan. Dr. Oz has recognized that many people are not losing weight because they don’t have time to join the gym or can’t afford to be a member at the gym. There are no excuses anymore! You can join the Dr. Oz 11 Week Diet plan and complete the daily workout routine from the comfort of your own home.

Another reason to join the program is that you will have the chance to interact with thousands of other people who are also a part of the Dr Oz 11 Week Diet program. The internet has made it easy through blogs and forums for people to meet together and discuss everything that is going on.

The last reason you should join the Dr. Oz 11 Week Diet program is that it is free to join! You have to give up your time, but you should be willing to do that if you want to live a long life! The diet plan will teach you all of the steps you need to take to lose weight and change your lifestyle so that you are not continuing to gain weight. Even if you do not have any weight to lose, there is a program available if you just need to get healthy.

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