Dr. Oz: A True Botox Horror Story

Botox Injections are increasing. Dr. Oz recently exposed some botox horror stories. Here’s why you should NOT use botox.


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The number of Botox injections is on the rise. In the past ten years this alternative cosmetic procedure has increased six hundred percent. Where people — mainly women — once sought the expensive invasive surgical procedure known as a facelift, they now opt for the minimally invasive Botox treatment. Although Botox is the number one minimally invasive cosmetic procedure today, dangers of Botox do exist. Thankfully, those considering receiving Botox injections can learn about the the dangers of Botox from renowned doctors like Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Exposes Botox Underground

The Dr. Oz Show recently exposed the dangers of Botox through a hidden camera investigation. It set up hidden cameras in a fake salon and placed a sidewalk sign out front advertising a special price on Botox injections. The purpose was to show how easily a person can be drawn in. Although an average session normally costs $300-$400, the special price was $99.

Money and emotions can be powerful motivators. So it was for one woman who fell for the discounted Botox price from a salon. She later agreed to appear on the show to share her experience. She had been under stress, wanted to look good for a job interview, and thought the $99 would be worth it. However, she did not check anything or anyone out. Not only were the people who were administering the Botox not medical personnel, the brochure was blank inside. The woman was thoroughly embarrassed.

Women nor men need to be embarrassed about wanting to improve their looks. Everyone wants to look their best, but when seeking Botox injections, a person needs to know about the dangers of Botox. Botox is normally safe, causing slight bruising, and some asymmetry. However, it is a powerful drug that can paralyze muscles that control swallowing and breathing. In fact, Botox is the most powerful toxin known to mankind; a billionth of an ounce can kill a person.

Ask the husband and wife who appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to tell about their firsthand experience with the dangers of Botox. A doctor took his wife for injections and was persuaded to also have a treatment. The facility was a two-story medical clinic with five medical doctors. Not realizing the dangers of Botox, they asked no questions beforehand.

The next day they both had flu-like symptoms and then difficulty breathing and slurred speech. Their son rushed them to the ER where the wife went into cardiac arrest. Within forty-eight hours both doctor and wife were put on life support and remained on a breathing machine for three months. Rehab was extensive. They are lucky to be alive.

They had received Raw Boccilism Toxin A that the clinic had ordered over the internet. The FDA later removed the substance from two hundred more doctors’ offices.

How to Protect Yourself

To avoid the dangers of Botox, here are three questions you must ask when considering Botox treatment:

1. Who is injecting you? Only plastic surgeons, dermatologists, or properly trained Ear, Nose and Throat doctors are qualified.

2. What kind of Botox is it? Price is a huge indicator. Insist on looking at the bottle. It should have an uncapped metal top indicating it is unused; label should say Allergan Cosmetic Botox; label will have an Allergan 3d hologram on it.

3. Where are you going for the injections? A doctor’s office is the only place injections can be given.

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