Dr. Oz About Acupressure & Index Finger

When you have a headache, you might want to try acupressure, instead of painkillers, just to kill the pain. It feels nice and it is extra effective.



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What Is Acupressure?

In the Chinese Medicine, interruption in the flow of chi (the energy of his body) represents pain and illness. The flow is restored by acupuncture; accupoints represent the places where the flow can by influenced by needles, electrical stimulation and massage. They are believed to relive pain and regulate the bodily functions.

How is Acupressure performed?

Press the indicated finger or thumb with direct pressure on the indicated point, press it firmly and slowly to increase the pressure slowly, but if you are working with a delicate surface use light pressure. Hold the pressure on the point until you feel relief, or up to a minute, it is indicated to breathe deeply as you hold the finger.

Headache Relieved by Acupressure Points

The “Hoku point” (LI4) is a very good remedy for a headache. This point is located on the back of the hand, in where the index finger and the thumb meet. Bring your thumb and index finger together. The spot is located where the muscle will inflate a little.
Put the thumb on the point and squeeze for a little, your index point should be located on the palm of your hand. Switch hands after Holding for one minute. Doctor Oz recommends that you should not use the Hoku Point if you are pregnant.

By using your thumbs to press firmly on the back of the neck witch is located underneath the base of your skull with the indentations on mo matter what side of the spine, about two to three inches wide apart, but that is depending on your skull. Press up below the skull and slowly tilt your head firmly and back.

The point called GV24.5 can be reached by placing your palms of the hands put together, let your head slowly tilt downward and do place your index and third fingers exactly on the point situated between the eyebrows, where the forehead meets the nose bridge. (Or just use an index finger or thumb.).

B2 can be reached by placing the thumb and index finger on either side of the nose, where the nose bridge meets the eyebrows ridge and slowly press the indentations .

A lot of these procedures are taken from the book of Doctor Oz: “Acupressure’s Potent Points” which I highly recommend.
“Red Flag” Headaches: See Your Doctor Immediately

Some headaches need medical attention, but some you can treat by yourself. The following symptoms of headaches are signs of potentially life-threatening health problems or less dangerous problems. Please consult your medical doctor immediately if:

**The headache is extremely intense, maybe the worst ever you have experienced.
**It comes on very severely and suddenly (like a “thunder”)
**Mental confusion is characteristic for your headache
**High fever (over 100 degrees F) and/or stiff neck are accompanied by the headache
**If you are over 50 and this headache is a new specie of headache for you
**A head trauma is giving you headaches
**In your family history there are cases of brain aneurysms

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