Dr. Oz About Infertility

Infertility consists in the inability of a woman or a man to take part in the act of conception. When talking about women, there may be a lot of reasons that cause infertility. The most common one is polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Contrary to what many people believe, infertility can be treated and thus is curable. It can be done by going to support groups, identifying the causes and stressors, do some proper research from books and eBooks and so on. This article will cover a few ways to deal with infertility recommended by the well-known Dr. Oz.


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First thing you have to do is understand the cause of your condition. If you understand it in medical terms, the better. Statistics say that most of the people with infertility condition do not know what the real cause for their problem is.

Low sperm count is the reason for most of them men suffering from infertility. Women, on the other hand, are infertile most because of ovulation complications. Only when you know the real cause you can start fighting against it.

You should also start joining a support group. This is a great way to combat infertility and has proven to be efficient too. These groups give you the possibility to meet people who are having similar problems like you do. You can encourage one another, share tips and tricks, and also talk about new discoveries you have made related to combating infertility. Don’t forget: “a problem halved is a problem solved”. Make sure the support group you have joined is set towards treating infertility particularelly.

Take away from your life things or places that cause you stress and avoid them. To make so, you firstly have to identify whatever in your life causes you stress. For example, you visit the local departmental store every day and every time you pass through the baby sector you suddenly become stressed. Since you know that, the solution is not hard to find. Simply bypass the baby section when shopping. Keep doing so until you think it is not stressing for you anymore.


Autosuggestion is another great method for women to combat infertility. It consists in treating yourself as you really are pregnant. Conciously plan your pregnancy and prepare for it. It has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to treat infertility. Treating your body as you really are pregnant already involves eating healthier, avoid alcohol and nicotine consuming and do regular physic exercises to maintain yourself in good shape.

Consider buying eBooks ad books that cover this subject. They usually are very informative. Books have been the main source of informing since the invention of writing. Although hey changed many forms, from scrolls to paper and then to electronic format also known as eBooks they are as much of informative. There are many books existent on the online market made to help you handle infertility. If you find anything written by the famous specialist and author Dr. Oz, do not hesitate to purchase it. You won’t regret it.

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