Dr. Oz About Infrared Sauna

When you think at sauna, the first thing that comes into your mind is luxury. People also like sauna because it is a pleasant and effective way to loose weight.
However, Dr. Oz tells us why infrared sauna is better than the classic steam sauna when it comes to both of the above. He advises us what aspects we should consider when buying a sauna.


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Detox your body

Detoxification is the most important property of a sauna which we should be interested in. As the detoxification capability increases you will be better off with your sauna too. Detoxification is also much related to stress relief.

According to Dr. Oz’s book of Medical Physiology, it needs to be 0.569 kilo calories to produce a single gram of sweat. A normal infrared sauna enables the user to produce on average 500 grams of sweat. Hence any therapeutic session would make you burn approximately 350 calories.

The infrared sauna is also very efficient if want to get rid of cellulite. Cellulite is made from body fat cells, wastes and water. Therefore, if you use the right type of infrared sauna, you will not only loose the water from your body as many people believe, but you will loose real weight.

Reduce pain

A correct used infrared sauna should produce pain relief. Infrared energy is able to penetrate more than one inch inside your muscular tissue. An interesting fact is that the skin is the one that absorbs over 90% of the infrared energy.
Thus, it has a great effect on the blood circulation. Even more, infrared energy leads to reducing many painful conditions and even eliminates them.

Studies have proven that a good infrared sauna will make your injuries heal faster if you apply the heat in the first 2 days after you were injured.

Buy Certified Sauna only

High quality saunas have modern features incorporated like Carbon 360 far infrared technology. This means that if your infrared sauna is equipped with Carbon 360 or its equivalent then you will get better refreshment compared to other saunas.

A crucial thing you have to be sure of, no matter what the vendor claims is that the infrared sauna is shock proof. It is highly recommended that you shouldn’t buy a infrared sauna unless is authority certified. Just ensure that is ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) certified.

To get the best out of your infrared sauna, concentrate on the five aspects listed above. However, I’m sure I could think of many other additionally benefits that an infrared sauna gives you.
If you do a research on the internet to find out more about saunas, you will dins big lists of advantages and features on several sites, still none of them will tell you anything about the actual aspects of the infrared sauna that you should most care about, as a sauna user.

Dr. Oz recommends you to purchase carbon-based infrared sauna when you are planning to buy one. Stay away from steam saunas and ceramic saunas. They are cheaper, but Dr. Oz ensures you they won’t meet your expectations as much as an infrared sauna.

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  1. melissa tremmel

    I would like to open a business that has a cardio room and offer the Sauna as part of my business. That can help with weight, pain and moods. overall sense of well being What would be the best

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