Dr Oz About Krill Oil Benefits

If you want to find out more about the benefits of Krill Oil and what Dr. Oz has to say about it, read the article after the break.


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Many people today are talking about the benefits of Krill oil. Dr. Oz and krill oil were recently discussed on the Dr. Oz show. Many people have heard about the benefits of Omega 3 oil, but Krill oil is another great supplement that should be a part of your diet. Krill oil is produced directly from a species of krill. It is has several main ingredients that make up the components of the oil.

Omega 3 fatty acids is one of the main ingredients, and it is similar to fish oil. There are also Omega 3 fatty acids that are joined with phospholipids. The third main ingredient in krill oil is astaxanthin. This is an antioxidant.

Reduce the effects of dysmenorrheal, control blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Krill oil has been show to have to reduce the effects of dysmenorrheal. Many women who have this suffer major uterine pain during menstruation.

On the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Joseph Mercola discussed the major benefits of alternative medicine. Many doctors will not prescribe these unorthodox remedies, but Dr. Mercola has seen major success in people taking Krill Oil Softgels. He recommends that everyone takes Krill Oil Software regularly to help maintain great health. He talks about many of the health benefits of Krill Oil.

One of the great benefits is that it can help control your cholesterol levels. There are two types of cholesterol, and this includes LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol builds up on the walls and arteries around your heart. LDL cholesterol is known as the bad cholesterol. It is normal to have LDL cholesterol in the blood stream, but you do not want to have too much. LDL cholesterol should never be above 130, and having a level below 100 is much better.

HDL cholesterol is known as the good cholesterol. HDL cholesterol take the plaque that is left behind through LDL cholesterol and moves it out of the blood stream. Your HDL levels should never fall below 50 if you are female, and it should not fall below 40 if you are a male. For those people who have low HDL levels, you are at an increased risk for heart disease.

On Dr. Oz and the krill oil show, they also discussed how krill oil can help you control high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to many deadly consequences including heart attack, stroke, and cancer. Krill Oil Softgels will help fight against these ailments. There are also many benefits associated with healthy skin and Krill Oil Softgels.

Scientists have found links between having smooth and healthy skin when you take Krill Oil Softgels for a few weeks. Older people who suffer from wrinkles have remarked how their skin looks younger after taking the supplements. Adults and teenagers have seen a decrease in acne breakouts when taking Krill oil.

The Dr Oz and Krill oil segment concludes with Dr. Mercola recommending that you take Krill Oil Softgels regularly with other multivitamins. The facts have shown that you can see marked improvement in your cholesterol and blood pressure levels after taking it for just a few weeks. You can also see major improvements in your skin color and overall health.

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