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Dr. Oz spent a lot of time showing us how to improve our health. The most important thing in improving it consists of your nutrition. In the show, he mentioned three big factors which should be part of your food, multivitamins, the important antioxidants and the great value of oils (omegas), which maintains you healthy, I will talk about all of them in this article. He offers you advices of how to get all of these, and include it in your day by day diet.


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First of all he talks about the importance of the multivitamins. The vitamin should be cut in two half, because taking two pills, one in the morning and one I the course of the day will assure you the vitamin needed for the whole day. Or, you can take a half in the morning, and other in the evening, so you will have vitamins in you not only for the day, but night time you will be fitter too.

This assures fluency of the vitamins which help your body stabilize. If you take one pill in a single dose, you will be extra full with vitamins, just like when you want to put water in a bathtub which is fully filled. The overdose will be lost, your body needs the right amount of vitamin, nor less, nor more, for perfect functioning, the overdose will be removed by your body system as if it wasn’t there.

When taking vitamins it is important to drink a lot of fluids. And if you don’t like pills, you can also take the vitamins in fluid form. It is up to your choice.

Healthy Oils: Omega 3

Also talks about the importance of healthy oils, which came of the attention lately in the media, also called omega 3 fatty acids. If you eat seeds, its better to roast or grind them to release the oils inside of them. If you want to chew it, to release the oil you will have a very difficult job ahead, because you have to chew it a lot with your teeth. Walnuts or hemp seeds are also good resources for oil, and for your health.

The oil containing the most omega3 is salmon oil. Lately the use of it has been attenuated, because of the raising of the fish, the high mercury level the water contains in which is raised can cause many diseases to human health.

To avoid this mercury caused problem, best we can do is to eat the real omega3 container, the algae, even the fish contains the oil only because he eats the algae. And the difference between the fish and him is that the algae can be raised much simply than the fish.


Another very important factor for your nutrition, which doctor Oz is talking about, is the antioxidant. Several types exist in the world, and it is also good against aging. The products containing the most antioxidants are specified by their dark color, so everything its dark colored contains a bigger amount than others, for example, blueberry.

Other things containing in large quantities antioxidants are, broccoli, tomatoes and potatoes. Now you found out why your parents forced you to eat broccoli, and you force yours to eat it.

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