Dr. Oz about Oprah’s Thyroid Problems

In one of Oprah’s shows (january 5th show), Dr. Oz was trying to help Oprah with her thyroid problems.
Thyroid problems can really cause a lot of problems. I myself suffer from a thyroid diseases (hypothyroid) and know that I will probably have to take medications for the rest of my life.


Source: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4086/5059505468_5d2ea53088_o.gif

Dr. Oz said that Oprah has a special thyroid problem and that it can’t be treated easily.

Well, just to be clear, your thyroid problems aren’t the usual thyroid problems. And by that I mean although the ailment itself is common, there’s two issues that can happen with your thyroid. It can underperform—that’s hypothyroidism—or it can overperform—hyperthyroidism. But your issue, Oprah, and you’re so unique, is you were having a frat party in your thyroid.


You were having a bunch of different things happening at once. And so you have these two ailments: One was stimulating the thyroid with antibodies; the other one was actually waging war on the thyroid. And so when those two level out, they actually can bring you into a place of peace—which, interestingly, is where you are right now.

A very interesting post (especially for me and others who suffer from thyroid problems) at about.com reveals that Oprah’s thyroid problems weren’t actually cured.
Oprah might suffer from an underlying adrenal fatigue disorder + thyroid problems.

You can read the full report here.

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