Dr. Oz And the HCG Diet: Is HCG Safe?

Are you wondering if the HCG diet is actually safe. Dr. Oz has a few words to say about it.


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Lose A Pound Per Day?

A diet aid that can cause you to lose a pound a day and keep it off? It sounds too good to be true! Well Dr. Oz thought so as well and came ready with his questions and concerns. The HCG diet has been around for decades, but it is only now being brought into the spotlight. The diet includes receiving injections or taking drops of the hormone HCG which is found in pregnant women.

The hormone is said to promote fetus growth by making sure the fetus gets enough nutrients. Along with taking this hormone, the diet includes restricting your calorie intake to a mere 500 calories.

Dr. Oz Answers FAQ About HCG Diet

Dr. Oz and the HCG Diet reaches out to answer the questions most have about this diet. Does the hormone actually work? Is it safe to take? Is restricting yourself to 500 calories safe? Is it actually the hormone causing the weight loss, or is it the calorie restrictions? To get his answers, Dr. Oz brought in a group of experts as well as many people who had tried the HCG diet.

The main concern Dr. Oz had with the HCG diet was the calorie restrictions. Almost all physicians recommend never going below 1200 calories a day without doctor approval, or you risk your body going into starvation mode which can actually cause you to retain more weight.

Experts on the HCG diet state that this works because you are not only living off of the 500 calories, you are also burning off calories burned from your fat reserves. This allows you to use up the excess weight you carry and lose weight. Maintaining a 500 calorie diet can be tough, but that is what the HCG is for. The HCG helps you feel full, along with filling your diet with low calorie leafy greens.

HCG Diet: Safety

Dr. Oz’s next concern was the safety of the HCG injections and drops. Experts in the HCG diet say the injections are completely safe. They are a prescription grade dose that a doctor would give to a patient on the diet. The drops on the other hand are different. Because the hormone is legally available by prescription only, the drops are labeled as homeopathic.

In order to be labeled as homeopathic, the drops are only allowed to contain trace amounts. In the end Dr. Oz states it would be a waste of money to purchase the drops since they do not contain an effective dosage of HCG. Some may not contain any of the actual hormone at all!

HCG Diet: Success Stories

Dr. Oz and the HCG Diet introduced viewers to many people who had tried this diet. There were dozens of success stories of people losing large amounts of weight in little time and feeling no adverse side effects. Other people remarked that the first few days to a week were very tough, but then it was easy. A few people did not like the diet.

Some women on the HCG diet reported feeling nauseous, faint, and even passing out. One woman spoke out about her dieting experience where she began to lose her hair. There have also been reports of gallbladder disease caused by this diet. While the majority of experiences were extremely positive, it just goes to show that every person’s body is different.

In the end, Dr. Oz and the HCG Diet just shows that everyone is different. The HCG diet is a very effective choice. Before you decide to start the diet, you need to speak with a physician and determine if you are healthy enough for the diet. This will also ensure that proper HCG injections are given, and you will be monitored for side effects.

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