Dr. Oz Bed Bugs

Dr. Oz became very popular in USA after he appeared for the first time on tv’s show. After that, many people started to follow his advices regarding weight-loss or getting rid of bed bugs. I will tell you some things about bed bugs.

These are some insects that survive only with the blood of humans or with the blood of animals. They are very tiny so you can hardly see them. Another important thing that you should know about these insects is that they are nocturnal and that they hate light.
Because of that, they wait until the night comes to go out for their meals. That’s the reason for what many people don’t know that they have such insects inside their house.


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How can you know if you have bed bugs inside your home? Well, if you observe any bites on your skin that appeared over the night, the first thing at you should think about are bed bugs.

You should know that the saliva of bed bugs can cause different allergic reactions in many people, so you have to accord attention to this problem. Some people can have no problems because of bed bugs, while some can develop an anaphylactic shock or asthma. The first one can be fatal, unfortunately.

Bed Bugs hide in dark places

Dr. Oz offers you some advices that will help you catch the bed bugs from your house. Bed bugs usually hide in dark places where they can’t be found. At the first sight, you will see that when you will hunt for them, you will not see them. That’s why you need to keep an eye on different objects from your house.

Check your boxspring, because bed bugs like to stay near wood. If bed bugs like to stay near or inside objects made of wood, you will also have to check your furniture. Look after bed bugs eggs on, under your sofa, underside your bureau and your nightstands. Pay attention to crevices and cracks. If you have picture frames on your walls or other things that are hanged on the walls, look under them.

In case you find any type of evidence that makes you think at bed bugs, Dr. Oz recommends you to call the services of a professional. It is not necessary to toss your furniture outside your house and that’s why you don’t have to panic. If you will move the objects where bed bugs hide, you will just spread them. Also, Dr. Oz doesn’t recommend bug bombs because they will not help you at all.

Prevent Infestation

If you want to prevent infestation with bed bugs, you should keep your house clean. This means that you will have to vacuum frequently. Be sure that you vacuum correctly and that you don’t miss any spot and corner of your house.

If you take in consideration all these advices, you can be sure that you will not have any problems with bed bugs in the near future. If you think that your house is infested with them then you should follow the steps I told you about above and you will know if you are having problems with bed bugs or not.


  1. Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

    Hi, Some great advice there. I think that a lot of people don’t really appreciate the amount of work that goes into getting rid of these little bugs. They will hide anywhere, inside the bed, in the headboard, in the picture frames, in the electrical sockets even. So you have to use whater treatment you have chosen, and keep on doing it.



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