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Dr. Mehmet Oz  has given us many valuable health tips on tv-shows like “The Oprah Winfrey Show” or on different radio shows. His books also provide a lot of value and reflect how much he has done to help us improve our lives and health . That was one of the main reasons for starting this website dedicated to Dr. Oz.


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Trivia: Dr Mehmet Zed, born in Cleveland,  completed his schooling in Tower mill school and his under graduate in Harvard University. He obtained his MD and MBA degree at the University of Pennsylvania of Medicine.

Dr. Oz’s books focus on the topics like heart surgery, healthcare and weight loss. Overall, Dr. Oz has contributed to more than 350 books, publications, abstracts, and book chapters.

He serves as a scientific adviser to a chief physician portal, the MDlinx. Besides a major contribution to books about heart-related problems (he’s a heart surgeon after all!), he has also written books about nutrition, health and fitness. You can buy his books on the website of amazon.com.

Dr. Oz’s most successful book series: “YOU”

You On A Diet

You Being Beautiful

You The Owner’s Manual

You Staying Young

You The Smart Patient

Books Review – Dr. Oz Talks About “You Staying Young”

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