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Did you hear Dr. Oz talk about Caffeine on the Dr. Oz Show?

If your organism becomes addicted to caffeine and you want to get rid of this addiction, you should know that this type of addiction can install very easy but it’s hard to break it. I’m sure that if you are one of those people that want to get rid of this addiction you are looking after the optimum solution.


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How to get rid of caffeine addiction

I’m sure that you watched at least one episode of Dr. Oz’s show, so he is not a stranger for you. This doctor revealed his viewers the secrets of getting rid of caffeine addiction. He explained different detox solutions that are able to help people that are having this problem. Actually, these solutions reduce withdrawals in the midst of this addiction.

He said that 350 milligrams of caffeine in every day is the maximum quantity that someone should consume. If you reduce day by day the quantity of caffeine that you are drinking or eating, you will surely get rid of this addiction and you will not have problems. You will have to follow a program that was specially created by Dr. Oz for those people addicted to caffeine. The program length is one month and here are some advices that you have to take in consideration if you want to become a “clean” one.

First Week

In the first week after you started to reduce the quantity of milligrams of caffeine that you offer to your body, you should see how long it takes until you have a headache in the morning. This means that you will not drink coffee right after you woke up, you will drink it after the headache appears.

After the first day with this method, you should try to push it after one hour from the moment the headache appeared. If the pain is to strong and you can’t resist, then you can drink your coffee, but be careful at the quantity. In the first week is very important to not discourage yourself, because if you passed over the first week, you will have guaranteed success.

Green tea = good alternative to coffee

On the first day of the second week, you will surely feel weak and you will need energy. Dr. Oz recommends consuming green tea, because this type of tea has less caffeine than coffee and it also has other important properties. The most important advantage of green tea is that it makes stronger our immune system and so, we can keep away different diseases.

In the third week you should replace green tea with a tea called Rooibos. This tea is highly recommended by Dr. Oz, because reduce side effects of withdrawals. With a simple search on the Internet you will find websites that are selling it and you can order it online.

The fourth week it’s the easiest one. You just have to make sure that you are not drinking or eating anything that has caffeine as an ingredient. You should know that caffeine can be found in many drinks and foods such as chocolate, ice cream, sodas. That’s why is recommended to check the list of ingredients before you buy a certain product.

After a month of following this treatment you will definitely get rid of your addiction and you can be sure that your health will not be damaged.

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  1. Leila Lite

    What is so bad about drinking caffeine? What will it do to the body? I want to drink Green Tea but you say it also has caffeine?

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