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What does Dr. Oz say about Cell Phones?
Cell phones are indispensable these days. Almost every people have at least one. There are also people that have 2 or 3 cell phones that they use regularly. A study revealed the fact that each of these people that have cell phones spends somewhere between 11 and 13 hours talking at them each month.
Many people don’t know that these gadgets produce anxiety and that they affect their health. Studies made by specialist didn’t find connections between cell phones and brain cancer, but experts from this domain are still searching after possible ones.


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Dr. Oz appeared for the first time on a TV show on Oprah’s show where he presented his diet. He became popular in a short period of time and now he is having his own TV show. In one of his shows he presented how cell phones affect people’s health.

There are many people who don’t know that cell phones harm their health and they don’t know what are the disadvantages of using one. Dr. Oz offered his viewers some advices and some tips about how to use them in safe conditions if they want to protect their health.

Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation

Those who regularly use cell phones are exposed to an electromagnetic radiation that is not good for our health. This radiation is called radio frequency energy and is not the same radiation that is emitted by X-ray machines. Dr. Oz also mentioned that it will take a lot of time to experts to find a real connection between cell phones and the problems that people are having with their health.

But let’s see how really things are. Each cell phone sends signals to an energy source and in this way the device can be identified. On short, this means that the electromagnetic radiation comes and goes out from a cell phone. During this process, electromagnetic radiations go inside your brain either you don’t want to. Experts from this domain say that is no link between brain tumors and electromagnetic radiations, but in reality there is one.

There are many countries that warned people about the effects of using cell phones. In countries like France, UK and Israel authorities informed people about the risks of using these gadgets. Dr. Oz thinks that these warnings were made because authorities know exactly that cell phones affect our brains.

Protect your children

The most important thing recommended by Dr. Oz is that people should know how to use cell phones and not to renounce at using them. If you have children, you should protect them and not offer them a cell phone until they are not 16 years old, because the organism of a child is more sensitive than the organism of an adult.

Those risks are not presented to a cell phone’s buyer, because the interest of a company is to sell its products. Not to say that many companies win profit if we continue to use our mobile phones. You should know that there are also some small devices that you can attach to your cell phone and that were created specially to protect people against radiations.

On the Amazon’s site you can find one at only $18. I’m not saying that a device like this will fully protect you, but it will lower the level of radiations.

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