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This article is about Dr. Oz and constipation. If you started to gain weight while you are aging, you should know that after 40 years old the metabolic rate of your organisms gets affected and starts to work slower. This might be only one of the causes that attract more and more pounds on your body.

There are also other causes that can lead to weight gain also before reaching 40 years old. Dr. Oz says that the most common cause is constipation. This happens when intestines get blocked and the best way to solve your problem is trying to unblock them.

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Causes of Constipation

You don’t know what are the causes of constipation? I will tell you what are the most common causes of constipation for all categories of people. The first cause is represented by the small quantity of liquids that you are drinking each day. It can also be cause by a small quantity of fiber from your meals.

Other cause is represented by the insufficient physical effort that you make during a day. For that, you will need to make regular physical exercises at a gym or inside your house. In this way you will also keep in shape. Constipation can also be caused by medications and by the irritable bowel syndrome that is one of the most common diseases these days. If in the past you used to take laxatives often, this can also be a cause for constipation. These are only few causes that Dr. Oz presented in his TV show and of course, in his book.

If you are interested and if you want to know what are the symptoms of constipation you should know that if you have constipation doesn’t mean that you have one of the digestive diseases. You can start to make worries only if you are dizzy, vomiting or if you have fever. In this case you should immediately address to a doctor that will make some investigations on you.

Get rid of constipation

If you suffer from constipation, you can get rid of it in only 7 days if you take in consideration these tips. Dr. Oz says that people that are having problem with this affection should add more fiber to their daily menu. This means that you will have to eat more vegetables and fruits. You can also choose to eat foods like whole grains, cheese, eggs and of course, meats. Be careful because the meat doesn’t have to be rich in fats.

If you want to get rid of constipation in only 2 or 3 days, you can try colon cleansing. Dr. Oz recommends products made of acai berry but also other products that you can make in your own home. In his book or on his website you will find other 2 recipes that you can use to do colon cleansing.

The first recipe is made of Cayenne pepper, filtered water and lemon juice and the second one is made of apples, ginger, spinach, cucumbers and lemon juice. These 2 methods will definitely help you to get rid of constipation in a short period of time.


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