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Many people heard about Dr. Oz. If you didn’t hear about him until now, you definitely saw him on TV, in Oprah Winfrey’s show or in his own show. But who is Dr. Oz? What credentials have Dr. Oz? I will tell you some interesting things about this doctor who became popular in a very short period of time. His name is Mehmet Cengiz Zed and he was born on June 11 in the year 1960.


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If you don’t know from which part of the planet he is, let me tell you that he’s one of the most famous Turkish-American authors and of course, cardiothoracic surgeons. Even if he is Turkish-American, he was born in Cleveland and he is the son of 2 Muslim parents that had immigrated from Turkey. Dr. Oz received an undergraduate degree from Harvard which helped him a lot in his career. Nowadays, Dr. Oz is teaching students the art of cardiac surgery at Columbia University.

Health Education

Mehmet Zed wants to educate the nation and teach it how to improve its quality of life. This doctor takes very serious this problem and he really wants to help USA nation to solve medical problems using natural methods or to help people to prevent different types of diseases. In the same time he is director of the Heart Institute from New York and he is also the medical director for the Integrated Medicine Center.
He chose to specialize himself in heart surgery and in cardiac surgery. Heart surgeries involve also heart replacements surgery and of course, cardiac surgery involves minimally invasive cardiac surgeries. Being a professor of cardiac surgery at the institution I told you about, helps him a lot because in this way he can teach others his techniques.

He is the famous author of more than 350 publications and between these publications there are also his books. “An Insider’s Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger” is a book from where you can get important advices if you want to start a fight against anti aging process.
In this book you will find many tips that will help you look younger and that you can use without being necessary to spend considerable sums of money. ”YOU: On a Diet” is a bestseller one and many people that want to lose weight have bought it. In this book Dr. Oz revealed some secrets about weight-loss programs and about the physical exercises that some should make daily. Other important books? Well, ”YOU: The Owner’s Manual” and “Healing from the Heart” are other publications that made him famous.

A real surgeon

Another important thing that you should know about Dr. Oz is that he is the member of many prestigious boards in the medical Community. He has memberships on the American Board of Surgery and American College of surgeons. He is a member of 9 organizations that are some of the most important ones from the whole world. He also appeared a lot on TV and people saw him on Discovery, CBS, ABC, CNN and many other channels. Now he has his own TV show that has a large audience every week.

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