What is an ear infection?

I`ve noticed that we don`t really acknowledge how important our senses are to us, until we (God forbid) loose them, or just have small difficulties with them. Although we might not realize it, keeping our senses as their highest accuracy is very important for day to day life. What if these senses are the way you erne your living?


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You might be a fashion critic so you would need sight, you might be a translator and you would need ears, or you might be a wine taster and you need taste. Just try thinking about how you would spend a day when your eyes hurt really badly. When this happened to me, I felt like a part of me was missing.

I had the day off and felt like there was nothing to do that would not involve using my eyes. Suddenly there was no laptop, no television, no reading, and no going out in the sun light. Believe it or not, not being able to use one of your senses can change your life significantly.

There are a lot of diseases that can put us in these kinds of situations and it is very important to be aware of them in order to prevent them from taking us over. Dr. Oz had an entire show on ear infections.

What is an ear infection and how do we spot it?

When we hear the word infection we immediately think of some kind of fungus or bacteria. It`s not any different in this case, either as an ear infection is caused by bacteria living inside our ear. We can easily spot an ear infection, because ear usually hurt, get swollen or all kinds of liquid might come out of your ear.
How does one get ear infections?

Ear infections can develop because of a lot of reasons. It can develop as a consequence of a bad cold, it can develop after swimming under water or by exposing your ears to any kind of bacteria infested environment.

How do we treat an ear infection?

The first thing everyone should do when they have any of the above mentioned signs is to visit the doctor`s office and have a professional check up. You should not take any kind of medication someone might have suggested without getting a clear prescription from the doctor.

After your results will come back, and your doctor will decide that you do need medication, he will give you a prescription that is best likely to kill the bacteria you have inside of your ear.

Antibiotics are not always the case as a lot of times ear infections are very likely to be solved on their own. The good thing we can draw out of this kind of unfortunate situation is that our body is exposed to bacteria and this will force the body to produce antibodies. The more antibodies your body will produce, the stronger your immune system will be, preventing future diseases to affect you.

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