Face Transplant Story

I believe the entire planet has heard about the first male face transplant that was so highly advertised through Dr. Oz`s Show. I must say that story is absolutely incredible and I believe a lot of moral issues can be drawn out of it.

Because of high developed medicine, there are a lot of chances to improve any kind of physical problems one might have. Unfortunately, this will not necessarily guarantee success, as any kind of intervention presents a certain level of risk. That level of risk can turn out to be fatal, so we should be prepared for all aspects.


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This case is particularly fascinating as a patient who had finally received a heart from a downer, had the change to undergo a successful heart transplant operation but because of the extreme quantity of blood loss he had no more brain activity. As if destiny would have decided it to be this way, this patient suddenly became a downer himself, giving another person the chance to start fresh.

Why a face transplant?
It seams a terrible accident left a man with practically a hole in his face, making it almost impossible for him to talk, eat or have any face expression. Not only was he dramatized because of this experience, but once he got out of his recovery, returning to the real life, he had to face people staring in horror everywhere he went.

When he was called up as a candidate for the surgery he immediately agreed as he had nothing else to loose. The surgery was a success and the patient got a new chance to start over with the help of a patient who unfortunately was not as lucky.

The surgery`s success brought comfort to the deceased`s family as they wanted to respect they`re lost one`s will to help other people get better, in case he might not make it. He not only donated his face, but also his eyes along with other organs that might have saved a lot of lives. This made me think about what would determine a person to just give up all of his organs to save others.

I couldn`t stop but wonder if that person would have ever thought about donating his organs if he had been the average healthy person, if he wouldn`t have had to face up to his terrible heart disease.

I mean, what is it that makes us want to help others? In his case, it could have been like thanking the person who donated their heart to him. But what about us? What about average healthy people who are too caught up in their daily routine to even think about other people`s cry for help. How come we don`t think about donating our organs in case a tragedy would, God forbid, happen?

Dr. Oz has started a campaign, a chance for everyone to step up and do some good, a chance to give and prolong life.

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