Dr. Oz: How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you want to get rid of belly fat, read this articles with useful instructions from the Dr. Oz Show.


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According to Dr. Oz, there are certain non-nutritional foods that will aid in the activation of belly fat, as well as nutritional food values that will promote a healthier and flatter stomach. There are many risk factors with serious side effects of too much belly fat.

Belly fat is a serious health risk and one that should be avoided at all costs. Belly fat has been linked to increase heart disease as well as diabetes. A person’s waist may not be too large, but the distribution of abdominal fat may cause the waist to hip ratio to be in an out of balance condition. This creates a serious medical condition in the individual.

Foods That Aid In the Elimination of Belly Fat

According to Dr. Oz there are several foods that promote the introduction to abdominal or belly fat. Although these foods are excellent in taste, they are high in fat content, low in nutritional value, and bolster the potential of targeting and increasing body fat in the abdomen. Foods that make your belly fat include cheese, margarine and red wine.

These foods should be eaten in limited quantity and on occasions instead of a daily basis. One of the main reasons, so many diets fail is due to not being custom tailored to the individual body type. The diet can be a wrong diet for you, and you can end up gaining instead of losing weight.

Foods That Promote a Flat Belly

While there are a myriad of foods that aid in the assistance for promoting unwanted belly fat, the good news is there is just as many nutritional food items that assist in the performance of generating a flat belly. These foods are not only pleasant to the palette, but they are nutritional in value and beneficial toward supporting a flatter stomach.

Dr. Oz’s personal recommendations include chocolate, peanut butter and guacamole. Dr. Oz promotes eating a diet rich in monounsaturated fats which increases the fat-burning process and promotes a flat-stomach.

Lifestyle and Belly Fat

Love handles, muffin tops, baby fat, beer belly, pot belly and the spare tire are just a few of the many names associated with protruding stomachs. Many environment causes surround a person’s ability to gain and retain fat in and around the mid-section.

A sedentary lifestyle, a person’s age, daily stress factors, a slow metabolism, as well as any major life-changing events can create foods to breakdown into fat. This will lead to increased fat in the abdominal area.

Exercising and Belly Fat

Dr. Oz recommends targeting the belly by building core strength through exercise. Two activities to address the belly include Knee to Nose Planks and Sit-Downs. These two particular disciplines concentrate on pulling the belly button in as deep as possible, as well as strengthening the lower back for critical support function.

Other forms of exercise to eliminate or reduce belly fat while boosting metabolism and building stamina include the Forward-Backward Bend, Toe Circles, Ab Wheels, Pull-Ups, and Deep Breathing + Ab Contractions. Different types of exercise are formatted and concentrate on different age ranges.

For instance, an individual in their twenties would have an exercise routine different from someone in their fifties. Men and women vary distinctly in body mass, and weight bearing exercises are oftentimes gender related as far as strength and duration. Exercise is a plus for lifting self-esteem, self-confidence and a general overall good feeling.

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